12 Instagram updates you should be aware of.

  • By Codeepsilon
  • November 12, 2021

Instagram is the 4th most used social media application until now. Instagram has 1.386 billion users. It is said that around one-quarter of the world’s internet users access Instagram monthly. Instagram is owned by “META”. This name is trending nowadays because Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg changed its name recently previously it was Facebook.

Instagram was bought by META in 2012 for $1 billion. The irony is now Instagram contributes $20 billion to META’s annual revenue. Nowadays Instagram is more focused on creating an ecosystem for creators. Instagram has introduced 12 new updates recently all of which can be elaborated as follows:

1. Collaboration posts

With this new collaboration feature, users can invite each other as collaborators on the post. If the invitee accepts the invitation both the accounts will appear on the post or reel together and the content will be shown to followers of both accounts. You can add up to one invitee as your collaborator.

2. New insights

Instagram offers insights to creators and business accounts. These insights feature accounts reached, accounts engaged, number of total followers, stories shared, story insights, reels insight, and many more measurable things. In this new insights feature the projection of these insights has been changed now there are more detailed measurable features that you can use.

3. Search

There is an update in search of Instagram. Now you can search specific topics and the search will show posts related to that topic. For your post to be shown in the search topic you have to write captions and hashtags according to the content.

4. Reels

Instagram has introduced reels in 2020. Instagram is more focusing on the reels platform. Previously, the length of the reel was of 30secs now it has increased length to 60 seconds.

5. Swipe up going away

Most of you have not noticed this but the swipe-up feature of Instagram has gone away now. Previously if you had more than 10k followers on Instagram and you have a creator or business account you were able to add a swipe-up feature to your story.

6. Post from PC

Instagram is mostly used on mobile phones. The reason behind more mobile users is that the application is more optimized for mobile users. The desktop version is not so popular and it has a very limited feature. Recently Instagram has added a feature of posting from PC.

7. IGTV will be gone

This update is still in the beta process. According to rumors, the IGTV channel will be gone sooner. IGTV is the channel in which you can add videos, lives, and events to any video feature regardless of the length of the video. As Instagram is more focused on reels they are planning to cut off the IGTV channel.

8. New hashtag rules

Instagram has set a limit of 30 hashtags for a specific post. It’s not necessary to add all the 30 hashtags. The post becomes more engaging if you just add 10 to 12 content-relevant hashtags.

9. Link sticker

You can add creative stickers to your story. Until now stickers were just used for creativity. As the swipe up feature is gone now you can add your link as a sticker and that sticker will redirect towards the link. This feature is available for all users regardless of their followers.

10. “Add yours” stickers

In the story, Instagram has added a new sticker called Add yours sticker. This sticker creates a chain of your own for example you have written add your perfect sunset picture so it will create a chain among  Instagram users for adding their perfect sunset picture.

11. Branded partnership

This feature allows brand promoters to use creators’ and influencers’ posts to run ads for their posts if the users allow so. This means that if a  creator or influencer partners with a brand then that brand can convert that post into an ad.

12. Focus on video

As YouTube is the most used social media platform by the users the main element of YouTube is video. Videos are more eye-catchy and informative as compared to posts. So Instagram has introduced reels and I am sure IGTV will surely be replaced with a new form of channel.

Some of these updates are in beta version and those updates are exclusively available for some users. According to recent rumors, the free social media service Instagram is going to charge a small amount yearly as a user’s charge. This will encourage creators on the other hand. Instagram was first introduced as a photo-sharing app and it has evolved since then. Comment down your views on these updates. for booking a free consultancy for diversifying your business online contact us.

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