8 Things to considering while developing an on-demand delivery app

  • By CodeEpsilon
  • January 19, 2022
on demand delivery application

Due to the global pandemic COVID-19 going on the demand for delivery apps is increasing a lot. People are giving more priority to ordering foods, cosmetics, medications, and all the other essential things online rather than going to the shop. Why? Because delivery applications are available for anything and everything so it is the right time to take a deep dive into this marketing and make a fortune out of it.

Meaning of on-demand delivery app

As the word suggests on-demand delivery app means delivery of goods and services speedily whenever the user has placed the order. It is also referred to as express delivery. These apps are developed to fulfill the demands of the users as soon as possible regardless of the location of the users. These apps are generally managed locally. A robust process is created to deliver the product as soon as possible.

Now the question arises about the working on delivery apps

How do delivery apps work?

working of on-demand delivery app

The working of delivery apps is very simplified and can be executed easily by a layman. Here the user places an order through the application on mobile/desktop. After placing the order the order is reviewed and examined in the app system available to the provider. The provider decides whether to accept this order or to refuse the order. The provider also has to decide the delivery time of the order. The things that are decided by the provider are submitted on the application and they are quickly displayed to the users. Now the provider assigns the delivery task to his/her employees.

Finally, the product is delivered to the user. After delivery, there are several options for return, replacement, feedback, order details, and help and support for any further queries or any support needed by the provider for the customer. Now you know how the delivery apps work? Now let’s dig deep into the things to consider while developing an on-demand delivery app:

Things to consider while developing an on-demand delivery app

  • Budget

Deciding the budget for your application is the most crucial part of the process. We need to calculate many factors like platforms, the technology used, location, features of the application, and many other factors. It also includes the geographical location and the locality you are going to launch the application. All of these calculations can be influenced according to the launching location of the app. The budget should be made precisely and accurately. Every cost aspect should be kept in mind for deciding the budget of the app. The budget should be fixed and it should be well managed to get optimum benefits from the business. 

  • Deciding the technology

After your budget is fixed you need to consider which technology your application should be developed. Deciding the technology of your application includes factors like audience, time, budget, launching location, and many other factors. Here is a guide for choosing the platform for your mobile app.

It is beneficial to develop a cross-platform application because it will attract a larger audience and your application will be compatible and available across all the platforms. 

  • Unique ideation

The ideation behind your app should be unique to get more downloads. The application should offer unique features that will distinguish your app from the market. In today’s world, it is essential to have innovative and unique ideation behind your app to keep you up in the pace of the market. You can provide features like around-the-clock delivery, reservation services, providing discounts and rewards for previous customers, providing customizable dashboards for the users, scheduling of delivery. By offering this type of feature your application will attract more users.

  • Real-time order tracking

This is the most essential feature of the delivery app. This feature is helpful for users and providers as well. For users, this feature helps in finding out the exact location of your order and to know the time taken to deliver the order. The provider can get the precise location of the product and can provider can also assist the delivery boy in which direction he can go to deliver the order as soon as possible.

  • Push notifications

Push notifications are the type of messages that keep the users engaged with your application. You can set push notifications for your latest offers and discounts. You can also notify for a specific period of time, like breakfast time, lunchtime, snack time. You can also notify according to the order history if that order has some offers or discounts going on. Push notifications play a very vital role in keeping your audience engaged towards your application.

  • Monetization policy

The monetization policy of your delivery app should be decided. It is decided to conclude in what ways the providers can make money through your app. Location, product offering, features of your application, are the factors to keep in mind while deciding the monetization policy. The policy can be of two types: commission-based payment or fixed base payment.

  • Filter system

This is an interesting feature you can provide to your user. Suppose your app provides different types of services for a product. The customer selects a specific service for the product. You can track the orders of the users and filter out the services that a specific user is selecting frequently. So for this user, you can filter out all the other services. This saves users time and effort. The provider can also conclude what services are trending and what modifications the provider can make in his services. This will also help in paying attention to a specific type of audience. 

  • Secure payment method

The delivery of the product or service can also be made through just a phone call but the main thing that inspires users to use your app is a secure payment. The payment methods should ensure the trust and privacy of the users. There are many types of payment methods available in the market. You should select the methods which are trustable and the method in which the privacy of your users is secured.

How Much Does It Cost To Create An On-Demand Delivery App?

The cost of developing an on-demand delivery app will vary depending on the features, tech stack, and years of operation. Get a quote from CodeEpsilon Services.


We have discussed all the essential things to keep in mind while developing a delivery app. All of these things should be researched precisely and with accuracy. But this is not just it. Choosing the right company for app development plays a very important role in your app journey.

CodeEpsilon is a custom software development company. We are a team of professional developers with experience in the development of on-demand delivery apps. We have a record of on-time delivery in the application. We have served 30+ different types of industries. Check out our portfolio. Contact us.

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