App Development idea of all in one app for Media and Entertainment industry.

  • By CodeEpsilon
  • December 24, 2021
app development idea

There are about 3.48 million apps on the Google Play store and 2.22 million apps on the Apple App Store. So as you derive it’s a very competitive market. To survive in this market your application should offer unique features. There are plenty of apps that don’t get downloaded because the features are the same so why download two identical apps. Your application development should contain unique features for getting downloads.

This blog will guide you on what unique features you can club with each other and get tons of downloads. If you had read our previous blog you might have an idea about the top 15 media and entertainment applications and what unique features they offer. Now you can club all of these unique features into an all in one app but how? 

First of all, we need to have an idea about what are the basic features a media and entertainment application should offer.

  • High-quality video resolution
  • Personalized home screen
  • Watch history
  • History of book reading
  • List of chat rooms
  • List of podcasts you have subscribed
  • User profile management
  • Support
  • Ability to track what’s popular
  • In-app navigations
  • Intuitive dashboard

These are some of the basic features that a media and entertainment application should contain. Some of these features are available for a specific niche in the media and entertainment industry. As the history of books, reading is just for books, podcast subscription is just for podcast offering applications.

As media and entertainment industry is a vast industry and there are different channels in the media and entertainment industry. So, why not create an app that offers all the parts of media and entertainment in only one app?

List of different channels of Media and Entertainment industry:

  1. News
  2. Movies
  3. Series
  4. Live streaming
  5. Books 
  6. Games
  7. Social media
  8. Podcasts  

What you can do is club all of these channels in an application and offer all of these channels into one application. This one application will have lots of unique features and this application will cover the whole media and entertainment industry rather than covering a specific channel.

This app will be a huge marketplace for different channels of the media and entertainment industry. You can offer a marketplace for news channels, movie productions, game development, book publishers, live streaming of sports, launching of podcasts, and many other related channels.

app development

List of unique features apps will contain for all of these different channels in only one application:

  • Perfectly developed AI ( Artificial Intelligence) for great recommendations of all of these channels. The AI will recommend your content according to watch patterns and preferences set by the user for different channels.  
  • We can offer group subscriptions for multiple users. This feature will allow multiple users at the same time. These features will also be beneficial for splitting up the charges among the users.
  • Live to a stream of channels makes this app work similar to a TV and you know how popular TV is so your app can also serve as a TV.
  • We can also offer social media features of like, comment, share, sending friend requests, following, posting images, videos, and other content.
  • We can also offer the creation of chat rooms for like-minded people. We can suggest the chat rooms according to the content preference of users.
  • We can offer to download games. It will be very easy to develop games of story lines of the related web series. Game recording can also be a feature. You can also offer managing multiple game accounts into one account. 
  • The media and entertainment industries sometimes contain content that is not favorable for kids. For this, we need to have the parental control feature in your application.
  • Nowadays apps like TikTok, ifunny, are in great trend and people like to spend time on these apps. Your application can also have a feature of content creation with great tools. So creators can show their creativeness on your application. Your application can also be served as a platform for creators.
  • Your application can also have features of upcoming movies and their related video content like trailers, behind the scenes, teasers, short clips, and many more related content.
  • For books, you can offer features of forming a personalized library. In that formation of the library, you can give the option of categorizing users’ books according to their wish of names. 
  • All of these features should be offered on a cloud platform so that users can have access to all this content from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.


All of these features are clubbed with each other and developed an app that is so much rich in features. This application will open doors for a variety of audiences. You can get exposure to various different users in only one application. This application will have content for all the age groups.

CodeEpsilon is a custom software development company. We are a team of professional developers who can back you up with all app development along with all of these unique features. Contact Us.

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