How 5G technology will impact world’s biggest industries?

  • By Codeepsilon
  • January 7, 2022
5G technology

5G technology have pave roads to many new innovation in industrial sectors. this blog is the continuation of our last blog on How 5G technology will impact big industries?

  • Manufacturing


5G technology with its heavy bandwidth technologies will be helpful in implementation of future technologies of automation, IoT and AI technologies on the factory floors. It will improve training efficiency with the help of VR based training. It will also reduce defects in machinery with predictive analysis. 5G technology will also help in production operation in manufacturing by enhancing safety measures. This will encourage factories to run automatically thereby contributing towards “smart factories” which will rely on technologies like IoT, augmented reality and automation.

Augmented reality can be implemented deeply because of 5G powered IoT devices. In large scale manufacturing units even a millisecond can cause a lot of disruption for factory owners. Due to the introduction of 5G technology factories can setup industrial robotics to communicate reliable information faster. Tethered and unthereed robots can be monitored, controlled and managed remotely with 5G technology.

5G technology will also increase the implementation of AR as 5G networks have high bandwidth and lower latency which will support augmented reality image quality which will result in remote training of construction and repairs.

  • Retail


Stores can operate more efficiently and smartly with the introduction of 5G technology. The process of shipping can become efficient and measurable with the help of 5G technology. 5G will create new customer experiences like photo-realistic virtual-tryons. 5G technology will also help consumers shop faster while collecting more data about the customer experiences.

Nowadays because of the global pandemic going on people prefer online shopping more. Mobile shopping has increased a lot thanks to 4G. Now imagine the experience of shopping with 10x more speed and lower latency. This will result in more use of technologies like virtual reality dressing rooms and augmented reality experiences at store and home.  5G’s lower latency will enable mobile AR/VR implementation experience real-time outfit fit change. According to a survey by Delotte 71% shoppers have views that they will shop more with an AR mobile application.

  • Financial services

financial services

With the 5G, faster speed means more data transfers in less time. It means real-time transfer of financial services rather than delay in services. 5G will provide a better mobile experience which will result in adoption of contactless payment and mobile wallets. 5G technology will improve privacy and security with rapid biometric communication and more efficient detection of fraudulent transactions. 5G will accelerate financial services to diversify towards digitalization of services.

In July 2021, Verizon business and MasterCard announced their partnership for developing a range of 5G technology products like MasterCard tap on phone mobile point of sale( PoS ) product, autonomous checkout technologies for retail stores, , mobile-first billing services and many more other high-tech products. 5G will allow wearables to share biometric data to financial services to authentic user identity instantly and more reliably. This will cut down the time in making new accounts, approving of loans, authentication of identity and many more services. All of these innovative services will lead towards adoption of open banking. 

  • Real estate

real estate

With 5G bandwidth speed real estate sector will be benefited with AR/VR technology. Through this, agents can provide remote visualization of properties and amenities with more flexibility. Building owners could provide smart technology in infrastructure like smart kitchens, smart homes, smart cell deployment and many more facilities contributing towards smart building features. Due to the global pandemic going on people are considering work from home facilities better enabling a work process accessible anywhere from the world.

Agents could provide facilities of AR/VR home tours with perfect visualization of properties without even stepping out a foot outside. Additionally the agents could provide a tour of visualizing different sets of furniture for the properties. For those investors that like to invest in properties out of their locality they can experience the sample properties remotely regardless of their location. Building owners can also enhance the valuation of buildings by providing smart facilities like real time monitoring, smart cells, prediction of maintenance, and many other smarter facilities.

  • Marketing and Advertising


With the introduction of 5G technology it will drive online content more seamless with providing new means of content creation. Advertising formats will become more engaging and immersive thanks to 5G. Now advertisers can develop engaging ads like interacting advertisements, experience of product with AR/VR technology.

Advertisement formats will move towards interactive placement, AR/VR experiences, high quality videos from static ads. High speed means better loading time for loading web pages, videos, podcasts and other all the means this will create a more interactive ad experience for customers. As the use of mobile phones is increasing day by day this will create more opportunities for advertisers. 5G could help in transforming banner ads into 3D images and videos. 5G will help to overcome scale, measurement and delivery issues of running an ad campaign on mobile.

5G technology will also help in product experiences for beauty products. Recently l’oreal paris has launched their application which lets you check out how a specific make-up product will look with the use of a camera. 5G technology will also help in real time tracking of ads through eye tracking and biometrics.


These are all the world’s largest industrial sectors and will achieve new heights due to the introduction of 5G technology. For instances all of this technology to implement will require different mobile applications to monitor, track and execute all of these technologies. Mobile applications will play a vital role in executing these technologies.

For instance, all of these operations run smoothly and efficiently. Every aspect will require a mobile application to monitor, track and manage all of this data. Here at CodeEpsilon, we are the experts in customized mobile application development. We are a team of professional developers with experience of 7+ years in the IT field. We provide up-to-date quality functioning with the latest technological trends of mobile application development. Contact us.

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