How 5G technology will impact world’s 10 biggest industries?

  • By Codeepsilon
  • January 5, 2022
5G technology

5G is the acronym used for the 5th Generation of internet standards. On April 3rd, 2019, 5G was launched in Chicago and Minneapolis since its evolving day by day. 5G is the successor of 4G, which is available for almost all smartphones. 5G technology is 10x faster than the older generations. The speed of 5G will range from 50 Mbps to 1 Gbps. The “air latency” is 8-12 milliseconds. 5G uses adaptive modulation and coding schemes and it is considered to be an almost zero error rate. The range of the 5G network depends upon various factors but the frequency is the most important of all the factors. 5G has opened doors to many innovative inventions in many industrial sectors because of low latency and greater network capacity.

According to Viavi Solutions, the commercial 5G services have already been deployed for 1500 cities in more than 60 countries. 5G technology is extremely useful for IoT devices which will gather and transmit vast amounts of data in real-time. The number of IoT is estimated to reach 30 billion+ by 2025 which is more than 4 devices for every person on the earth. 

Form 5 G-powered sensors for agriculture to improve situational awareness in public safety. 5G is set to transform many of the world’s biggest industries. That is elaborated as follows:

How will 5G transform the world’s biggest industries?

  • Agriculture


5G will provide greater insights about the crops to the farmers and it will lead to higher crop yields and better quality outputs. The time taken for the precision of the farming process will cut from a minute to less than one second. The connected sensors and will provide real-time information about the infrastructure, machinery and ensure more efficient management in farming.

5G will have significant improvement in the agriculture industry especially if it will affect the crop yield process. 5G will provide real-time tracking, monitoring, and automating many aspects of agricultural systems which will result in greater efficiency, profitability, and safety. As agriculture is a high-risk industry because of the new reforms in the global environment climate change has become vulnerable. Due to the introduction of 5G technology, there will be precision about the estimation of weather forecasts, crop yield timings, soil health, detection of diseases into crops or soil, and many more agricultural aspects.

  • Media and Entertainment

Media and Entertainment

Faster speed and lower latency of 5G technology will result in varied experiences of the media and entertainment industry from the streaming of shows to experience VR. Sports will become more favorable both inside and outside of the stadium. It is estimated that changes due to 5G technology will amount to revenue generation of 1.3 trillion in the media and entertainment industry.

5G is set to revolutionize various aspects of the media and entertainment industry like mobile advertising, mobile media, home broadband, smart TV, and it is also favorable for emerging technologies like AR and VR.

According to statistics video accounts for 66% of internet traffic and it is expected to reach 77% in 2026. Thanks to 5G lower latency streamlined videos are less like to buffer or stop. Due to the introduction of 5G technology, there will be a decrease of downloading time from 7 minutes to just 6 seconds. 5G is estimated to save 23 hours in a month of loading speed for downloading movies and shows, streaming music, games and browsing social media.

5G will also empower new types of experiences like synthetic media reforms like holograms, avatars, and synthetic videos. 5G will also open the door for greater experience in VR technology like 3d experience. Sports streaming will also change in various aspects of presentation like viewers can select multiple angle viewing in real-time, personalize streaming experiences.

5G will also be favorable for players and coaches for knowing the various analytics and predictions of the sports for better preparations and for optimization of playing conditions and for better output of players.

  • Healthcare


5G will account for the widespread use of artificial intelligence and automatic various workflows of healthcare industries. While adoption of AR and VR will result in improvement in training procedures. There will be better telemedicine services because of the higher speed in 5G technology. As you know, IoT will revolutionize wearables because of 5G technology. These wearables will provide real-time information about the user’s health with the accuracy of reports.

As the lives are on the line in the healthcare industry because of having detailed data with accuracy there will be taken informed decisions and more lives can be saved. 5G will also help in taking decisions remotely outside the hospitals. According to the Boston consultancy group, it is estimated that  5G technology will boost $104 billion in the US health sector by 2030.

A wide range of services can be boosted with the help of 5G technology like HD telehealth video streaming, diagnostics sharing to caring teams, improved data transfer speed, and many other related services.

  • Transportation


5G technology is going to change the scenario of transportation by connecting vehicles and goods. 5G will be very much useful in autonomous vehicle operations including managing data requirements of cellular vehicles to everything ( C-V2X ) communication.

Public transportation can become more efficient and flexible by the introduction of real-time route planning, tracking, monitoring, and high-speed communication. 5G technology will increase data visibility and control over the logistics system from public transportation to big logistics fleets.5G will contribute a lot towards smart cities and help in real-time route planning according to weather forecasts. Smart traffic management will save more time and fuel for drivers. As per the reports of Carnegie Mellon University study, traffic lights that integrate real-time data on traffic patterns were found to reduce traffic stops by 40%, emissions by 21%, and commute time by 26%.

5G technology will also contribute towards the cellular vehicle to everything ( C-V2X ) communications. This will lead to cars to act independently by communicating among the traffic lights and parts of other vehicles about coordinating movements safely and efficiently. In the end, researchers believe that 5G will help in enabling truly autonomous vehicles.

  • Education


Due to the introduction of 5, G E-Learning platforms will be immersively benefited by technologies like AR and VR. Learning can be executed in real-time with high-speed internet. Because of COVID-19, remote learning is encouraged a lot more. 5G promises the learning experience more efficient, seamless, and engaging. As AR and VR are evolving day by day teachers can use a futuristic approach towards teaching for example: now the “field trips to 7 wonders of the world”  can be executed on-premise just by wearing a VR headset.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, remote learning is already booming and it has already expedited the use of technologies like AI from preventing cheating at home to personalized learning. 5G technology will run all these systems faster and seamlessly with lower latency. Read more…..


5G technology will pave many new roads of the industrial sector. Many industrial aspects can be simplified because of 5G technology. 5G technology will encourage the development of smart cities.

For instance, all of these operations run smoothly and efficiently. Every aspect will require a mobile application to monitor, track and manage all of this data. Here at CodeEpsilon, we are the experts in customized mobile application development. We are a team of professional developers with experience of 7+ years in the IT field. We provide up-to-date quality functioning with the latest technological trends of mobile application development. Contact us.

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