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  • By CodeEpsilon
  • January 31, 2022
native app development

If you’re a business owner, you might wonder what are the approaches to mobile app development? It all depends on what you want from your app. Mobile app development companies will suggest you the approach, but you should have a clear idea about the strategy in advance, otherwise, there is the risk of misunderstanding and you might end up dissatisfied. So we are here to guide you about the approach of your mobile app development.

The requirements of your mobile app development should include convenience and an ability to adapt to the changes rapidly because as you develop your application your application will have to acclimatize itself according to the recent industry trends. So your application should have features of rapid change. After the launch of your application, you need to think that which features are engaging customers and in which direction you need to drive your customers.

For mobile app development approaches you need to think about the technical aspects of your application like which languages are available in which approach, what development tools are used in a particular approach, what software development kits you will require, and this list goes on and on.

Here is a series of guides about the approaches to mobile app development. 

First of all, let’s discuss what are approaches of Native app development

What are the approaches to developing Native apps?

First, the question comes what are Native apps? Native apps are developed considering a single platform or a specific operating system. The technical aspects are developed keeping in mind a specific operating system. In short, if you are planning to develop an application for IOS and Android platforms then you have to develop two apps one for the Android platform and another for the iOS platform. 

As Native apps are developed according to the platform, the app utilizes the operating system of the device and enhances itself to make the user feel like the app is an integral part of the device. 

You have to develop different apps for different operating systems. This approach has grown significantly and has advantages like this. The app supports all the available features of the platform and compatible devices. As compared to other approaches Native applications have higher performance and responsiveness. These applications are faster than other platforms. You can also create a personalized user experience using Native tools. Let’s dig deeper into what are the advantages of Native app development?

Advantages of Native app development

advantages of native app development

  • Best performance
  • Specific platform UI implementation
  • Access to hardware related features
  • Clear app development path and support of toolsets
  • Native apps do not require a constant internet connection.

The technology stack used in iOS Native apps

  • Programming  languages: Objective C and Swift
  • Toolset: AppCode and Apple Xcode

The technology stack used in Android Native apps

  • Programming languages: Java and Kotlin
  • Toolset: Eclipse and Android Studio

For Android Native app development there is an add-on requirement to install the latest Android SDK ( Software Development Kit ) for every type of device. This procedure is the same for installing third-party add-ons.


If you are planning to develop an application for a specific operating system then the Native approach is effective. The Native approach is also useful if you are planning to develop an application for a specific region. Suppose in a specific region people use iPhones more as compared to Android, then this approach is beneficial. Native apps are great in performance and security. Native apps are great in personalizing the user experience with Native tools and you can be sure that every OS user feels at home.

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