New google play console update

  • By Codeepsilon
  • December 17, 2021
google play console

There are many changes Google has done to their Google Play store in recent times. Recently google play console has changed its characters limit from 50 to 30 characters. This change will be enforceable as soon as you create new apps or update the existing one.

This task is going to be crucial for app publishers who have maintained more than one language because navigating in Google Play console is far from UX optimized.

As an app publisher is your apps backed up with these new updates? Don’t worry here is the go through guide for changing your app name.

change in name

How to change your app name in Google Play console?

  • Login / sign up to Google Play console app manager. If you need a basic plan then no need to feed information about debit / credit card or other payment mode is necessary.
  • Create your current app representation quickly through store search.
  • Enter your app name and if it’s an existing app then select it from the search title.
  • Then, configure a new description package and import your existing app store presents texts.
  • You will require a Google API key for the precious step.
  • Filter according to your app type.
  • Start modifying from their then edit, translate, and then upload everything with just a few clicks as soon as you are satisfied.
  • Use the app store manager for free to adapt Google’s changes instantly.


Google Play console keeps on changing its policies for better user experience and app discovery. This changes sometimes becomes challenges and sometimes opens a new door of opportunities and possibilities. To survive in this market you should choose the best app publishers that are backed with the latest information. By doing this your app gets more discovery and on the other hand it saves time, money and efforts.

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