What are the New Updates in Meta 2022?

  • By Codeepsilon
  • December 17, 2021

Recently Meta held a Metacommunity summit. At that summit, Meta announced many new things from business profiles to Facebook pages. In this blog, we will be talking about all of the new things in the Meta or Facebook.

As Facebook has changed to Meta they are diversifying their business towards Metaverse. Introducing a Facebook business profile is one of the few steps towards the new name.

“The virtual world will open thousands of new opportunities for this new generation.”

Anuj Dasani

What is a New Meta business profile?

Business profiles are similar to Facebook pages. The features in the new business profile allow users to make money through features that were previously available exclusively for Facebook pages. This new feature makes profiles more like pages.

With this new feature, anyone can follow or visit your profile without being friends with you. Then also, you can have the control of whether to make a specific post public or visible to friends only.

New ways to earn money from your Meta account

This new feature is being tested and available for very fewer users. Right now this feature is available for US users only.

The program introduced for business profiles is the “reels play bonus program”. This allows users to generate revenue up to $35,000 from the reels if they get the qualified reel views.

This program is currently on an invite-only basis, however, the interested users can register for notifying it when it is widely available. 

Along with this new update, Meta also has introduced new features into the reels. They are elaborated as follows:

  • You can compose videos by selecting multiple clips.
  • You can save your reels as drafts for editing or uploading them later.
  • Expanded the length of the reel to 60 seconds.

Meta is also planning to expand these features to more countries next year.

Meta has also introduced many new things for Facebook pages and profiles they are elaborated as follows:

What are the New Features in Facebook pages and profiles?

Facebook pages are backed with new capabilities which were previously available through the Facebook business suite or third-party apps integration.

new dashboard

Facebook pages are getting a new professional dashboard which is in a centralized manner to check out review page performance, access tools, and insights. This feature is in its beta version so it might be available for some users only. You can check it out at the top of the page’s feed that will provide a snapshot of post engagement and followers count. The new dashboard will also suggest tips on creating high-performance content. 

Meta is also testing an updated post composer for pages that will offer a variety of new innovative features which are focused on creators. Initially, the Meta will run tests on scheduled posts that were previously available through the Facebook business suite. This update will enable admins to schedule posts regardless of their existing workflow or third-party apps they are using for scheduling. 

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