What is the Practical Applicability of Internet of Things?

  • By CodeEpsilon
  • January 3, 2022
Internet of Things

As you know the Internet of Things is trending and is one of the top 10 trending technologies in 2022. IoT stands as number one in trending technologies. IoT is the acronym used for the Internet of Things. IoT refers to the connection with multiple devices and with humans through the internet.

Internet of Things is applicable for multiple devices and this technology is capable of adjusting to almost every technology that supports the internet. The implementation of the Internet of Things is useful to a device that is capable of providing information about its operations like wearable devices, home appliances, and many other relevant devices. Today we will discuss how and in what ways IoT will be applicable for several industries. This technology is minimizing many business aspects like monitoring, inspection, control, and many other business aspects.

In IoT of things, there is a chip embedded in objects to get relevant information about the operations, the performance of the activity, and even for monitoring of environmental conditions, automate several business tasks. How IoT will be practically applicable for several industries is elaborated as follows.  

Practical Applicability of IoT for several industries:

internet of things

  • Healthcare

Before the introduction of IoT, the communication of doctors was limited to visits, texts, and calls, but there was no proper way of continuously monitoring the health of the patient and suggesting recommendations accordingly. After the introduction of IoT this thing is possible. With the use of IoT devices, it is possible to monitor the patient’s health outside the hospital and in real-time. By automating alerts and by setting triggers of the vital signs.

These devices are helpful in improving the health of patients and providing utmost care to high-risk patients. Internet of Things has made a significant increase in engagement and satisfaction because communication with doctors has become easier and sufficient. It has also made significant changes in the cost and improved the outcomes of treatment.

  • Wearables

Fitness bands, internet connected jackets, virtual glasses are some of the examples of the applicability of IoT in wearables. These devices are sufficient and easy to monitor your daily lifestyle.

Companies like Google, Samsung, Apple are investing millions in the Internet of Things and it is evolving day by day. The market worth of IoT wearables is estimated to reach $1.1 billion by 2022. These wearables are energy sufficient, easy to use, and are equipped with sensors and with necessary hardware for monitoring, reading of measurements, and storing and organizing information about the users.

  • Transportation

IoT chips are embedded in transport vehicles and fleets for monitoring the status, geolocation, and health of the vehicle. IoT helps in establishing the interconectivity between the drivers and owners of the vehicles.

IoT is also useful for assisting in geo location, suggesting the efficient route of travel, knowing the status of fuel of the vehicles. IoT helps in the reduction of the cost of management of vehicles by alerting them about the timely service and maintenance of vehicles.

  • Traffic monitoring

Internet of Things is very much useful in managing traffic for large cities and contributing towards smart cities. Our mobile phones are embedded with sensors and they monitor your geolocation. IoT collects data through these sensors through applications like Google Maps, Waze, and many others. These applications are capable of showing real-time traffic about the routes. According to an article, google maps can give you data of 20 years forward from now about the traffic of routes on that particular day.

  • Agriculture

Smart farms are now not a future thing. The quality of soil is one of the main elements in sowing seeds. Internet of things offers about the quality of the soil and suggestion of crops according to the condition of the soil by installing a sensor into the soil. IoT also offers data about the condition of the soil, moisture in soil, level of acidity, existence of nutrients in the soil, temperature, and much other relevant information about the soil. IoT also suggests the perfect condition of starting sowing, it also discovers the presence of disease in the plants and soil.

  • Hospitality 

Internet of Things has made a significant change to the quality of the service. With the introduction of smart keys which are connected to your mobile devices, it is possible to automate various interactions between the staff and guests. 

The realization of orders to room, or room services, real-time detection of the location of the guests through smart keys, sending of offers and informing about the activities to the person of interest, personal hygiene supplies, automatic charge of accounts, check-out process is automated, disabling and controlling of doors, even assigning of cleaning to staff members, and many other activities can be automated with the use of Internet of Things.

  • Water supply

A waterproof sensor is embedded into the water meters, which are connected to the internet and necessary software is installed for collecting, analyzing, and processing the data about the consumption of water, detecting faults in supply services, for detection of water leakage, even setting of alerts if the consumption is reaching out of range, blockage of water if access use and many other things can be automated through Internet of things.

  • Maintenance management

The implementation of IoT is most in maintenance management. Through the combination of embedded sensors and softwares which are specialized in CMMS/EAM maintenance management, a multifunctional tool is obtained which can be used in various aspects of maintenance management. The main purpose of devices is extending the life span of physical assets by timely monitoring of the health of the devices. 

IoT devices are also helpful for estimating future faults and preventing faults before they occur.


All of this industries and devices are benefited from IoT or Internet of Things. All of the data of this IoT embedded chips or sensors is gathered and maintained on a mobile application. There are ready setup mobile applications available to monitor all the data. Invention of IoT devices has changed the lifestyle of people in many ways. IoT has simplified many business aspects also.

Here at CodeEpsilon, we develop all the types of IoT device mobile applications. We have a record of on-time delivery of applications with the latest trends in the market. Check out our portfolio to know the details of our project. Let’s start simplifying the lifestyle of people with IoT devices. Contact us.

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