What your business is missing by not adapting beacon technology?

  • By Codeepsilon
  • January 28, 2022

Imagine you are passing by a store and you get notified about the recent offers and discounts going on in the store. You are amazed to learn that the store owner noticed you passing by, but that’s not the case. It is because the transmitter in their store has detected your presence. This small transistor is known as a beacon. Those of you who are in business or working in related fields might be aware of beacon technology. You might also have received a beacon in 2015 when Google launched the program beacon technology in order to improve mobile visibility and experience.

What is beacon technology?

2013 marked the debut of beacon technology. Apple was the first to introduce beacons. A beacon is a low-energy, small transmitter that sends signals to nearby devices using Bluetooth technology. This can be a great way to keep customers interested in your brand. Beacon technology is one of the top 10 trends which you should know in the mobile app development field. Beacon technology helps in accurate local searches and interactions.

Beacon technology is a great way to keep your customers engaged. Engagement is the key factor in keeping your customers visiting your store consistently. If a customer passes by your store they get notified via your application or by a message about the recent offers and discounts going on in the store. This notification keeps engaging your customers. Now let’s dig deeper into how the beacon technology works?

How does beacon technology work?

Beacons have CPU, radio, and batteries installed into the device and it works repeatedly by broadcasting an identifier. This identifier detects nearby devices and sends signals to these devices. These signals can be a notification about your application or through direct messages.

This identifier is a unique ID number that your smartphone recognizes as unique to the beacon. Once registered by the beacon this will send signals whenever the device passes by the territory. In recent updates of Google ads, the identifier also registers the device when the customer has access to your ads via search results. Beacon technology acts as a data-gathering tool. Beacon technology is very much beneficial for business owners. Let’s know the benefits of beacon technology.

The benefits of beacon technology

benefits of beacon technology

  • Improves online attributions of Google ads

By connecting beacons, to your Google ads, you can derive many useful insights like store visit patterns, customer buying perspectives, customer behavior. You can also derive the effectiveness of your Google Ads campaign. 

Businessmen and marketers spend billions of dollars deriving these attributes but beacon technology has simplified these derivatives. Traditionally it was a nightmare to understand the link between online ads and offline store visits. This nightmare is simplified with beacon technology. Let’s understand how beacon technology improves online attributions of Google ads by an example:

The user searches for “black shoes” in Google, and your ads pop out. The user clicks on the ad browses through the products and then closes their phone. Beacons register this device and if the user visits your store for offline trials of black shoes the beacons identify this device and mark up as a registered user.

  • Increases engagement

As you have read our earlier blog on best application features your E-Commerce application should have you know that push notifications play a vital role in customer engagement. Beacons are already programmed to send signals through notification or direct messages. Beacon technology increases customer engagement by timely sending notifications or direct messages whenever the customer passes by your store.

  • Out of the store marketing

The unique selling point behind the beacons is that you can notify your customers about your store. The notification can be as simple as an introduction to your store or as exciting as the recent offers and discounts going on in your store.

You can also introduce rewarding programs for your loyal customers. You just have to register their phone number and you reward your loyal customers in the form of reward points whenever that customer visits your store or buys online. You can also share any important information about your store opening or closing on a particular day. Hence, beacon technology helps businessmen in doing out-of-store marketing.

  • Data gathering

As discussed earlier beacon technology is a great tool for data gathering. The positional accuracy in beacon technology helps in gathering out the locational data. With great accuracy, you can gather data about your customers like how and where your customers are moving in your store, which section of the store is more attractive, which products your customers use more.

You can also use this data with your e-commerce data about the product listings and you can also design your store accordingly. Suppose the data derives that users are spending more time in the home appliance section which is at the back of your store. You can change your store layout and keep that home appliance section in front of your store. Ultimately this technology will track your customers’ journey and help you in tailoring out your future marketing campaigns and also boost your in-store conversions.

  • Improves Google my business listings

You have already connected the beacon to Google Ads. You can also connect Google My Business to your beacon. By connecting it to the beacons themselves, it will send signals about accurate visiting times, at what time your store is crowded and all the other useful information for accurate Google My Business listings. You can also request users to upload photos of your store.

As up-to-date information about your store is one factor in local SEO this can help your store rank higher in local searches.

  • Customer benefits

All of the above benefits were for businessmen. Now let’s talk about how customers are benefited from this technology. Notifying at the right time and with the right products creates a feeling of trust, security, and familiarity. This creates an additional layer of personal interaction with customers’ minds. Due to the immense competition going on in the market this feeling plays a vital role in keeping your customers engaged. According to recent studies, 35% of customers rank trust as one of 3 main factors that influence customers’ buying perspectives.


Beacon technology is a great tool for keeping your customers engaged and for keeping your customers’ visiting your store consistently. Beacon technology is still in its beta phase. There are many other useful insights we can find out in the future with the help of this technology. Beacon technology is just not useful for offline stores. This technology is also useful for aviation, banking, real estate, and museums also. 

Beacon technology will not be more beneficial for the business owners if they don’t have any website or application for their store because where will you notify them the only option left for your customers is to visit your store offline? So not having a website or application will limit your customer engagement. So what are you waiting for? Get a quote from us for your website and application development.

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