A US based customer came up with the wonderful idea of awarding the explorative beer loves with rewards. The users have to complete the pre-defined challenge and get entitled for a monthly draw. On selection the reward would be given. A formulation which is already treding within the users.


The objective was to market the beer based products for the customer and the members. The idea was to give this a shape of a game where the participants play the game and get intrducted to the various products available from the different memebers. A mobile app was considered to be the best option to enable challenge formulation and on completion the app user gets the chance to get rewarded. The App was supposed to support both mobile and tablets and needed geo services to find the targeted locations. The backend system provided the necessary data and support for the mobile app to be functional.


Key Features

  • Single Signin with Faceook and GooglePlus.
  • Member profile and Notification settings management.
  • View the available Circuits
  • Join a Circuit (Only logged-in members)
  • Management and provisining of clues for each challenege.
  • Click photos and upload to a file directory on the server
  • Browse phone gallery and upload photos to a file directory on the server
  • View the Rewards page with the beers from the memebers available.
  • View the Store page
  • View past/completed Circuits
  • Pay fee for joining circuits through Stripe
  • Provide and View testimomials.

Intuitive Design

Being a fun app, the design was of prime importance. Usability, easy navigation, involving graphics and animations were some of the aspects that were taken care of to give the app the deserved level of acceptance. And it worked with users appreciating the design and interactiveness of the app. It helped in keeping them hooked and perform till they win.


Secured information access

The product and user information is highly secured. It is pulled by the mobile app using a REST APIs. Apart from using SSL, the access to the data is available with proper authorization and authentication. Token based security model is used to make sure that the information stored is always safe and available to authorised system/personel.


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