Credit Management System
Credit Management System
Credit Management System
Credit Management System
Credit Management System
Credit Management System


Proper and effective Credit Management is very important to keep any business running. For medium and large corporates this in no time becomes a major limitation resulting into bankruptcy. A software development company in Netherlands identified this as a major gap and prepared an outline of an online Custom Software which can help all these companies manage and attend to their pending invoices and offer much more services around the same.

Credit Management System Problems

The Problem

There was already an online system which was serving the purpose but lacked in features like accessibility across all devices, ease of usability for the operator, qualified and easy to use reports, effective and conducing dashboard being some of the shortfalls. The company needed a software which is advance, built on latest technical platform, secured and can cater to high volume of users.

‘SiteFit’ after their market research approached CodeEpsilon Services with the requirement to make a custom web based Credit Management Application that can be used by the corporates and individual business personal to manage their credits. The software along with the management was also supposed to provide host of other features facilitating them in strategizing and recording the proceedings in these regards and get reminders at the right time.

The Approach

The Challenges


The new system although being more up to standard from UI/UX standards, expected the transition of the users from the old system. It was very important that users of the system get adapted to the new system in terms of the workflows and administration console before they are switched to it.

This challenge was handled by doing extensive WIREFRAMING during the requirement gathering sessions.

Credit Management System Challenges

Data Management

Another challenge was the management, security and ownership of the data.

Business Houses were hosting accounting software in their local facilities. The debtor data from these tools were to be mapped into the CMT system enabling CMT system to operate on the debtor invoices and payment reminders. This was handled by importing data from these tools frequently into CMT system.

Data Ownership

The Business Users of the system wanted to own THEIR data and in future, if they want to move away from this system, they wanted to carry their product and transaction data out of the system.

The application was made secure using various aspects like user authentication, usage of SSL, token based security for the API calls etc. The ownership of data was provisioned by building data management layers. One database was used as common database containing data owned by the CMT Platform. Individual data was stored in independent databases which could be easily plugged out from main Trading Platform as and when needed without effecting remaining system.

Technology Matrix

  • Azure
  • Apache 2.2
  • PHP 5.x
  • CodeIgnitor(MVC)
  • My SQL 5.5
  • JavaScript
  • Soap
  • Cent OS
Credit Management System Solution

The Solution

Architects at CodeEpsilon devised a cloud based online solution for SiteFit. The web system is versatile enough to provide the right platform for Business Houses and Individual Business Owners manage their credits and view all defaults anywhere anytime. The CMT enabled restricted access based on user roles and gives the flexibility to create and manage custom workflows for the management of the credit. The system comes with basic features with Free Subscription and also provisions special feature extensions in Subscription Mode.

The new system is a complete transformation of current online platform with 95% automation. The new system has detail logging mechanism logging each action taken by any of the user. This System is highly secure and provisions the users with inline tools for day in day out use like events calendar, highly interactive dashboard for better operations.

By Choosing CodeEpsilon Services Pvt. Ltd as their solution provider, Client was able to provide a highly secure Responsive web application accessible via almost all devices uniformly.

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System Features

  • Online Notes keeping.
  • Invoice details management.
  • Transfer of tasks to another user.
  • Detailed action list for today and future.
  • Fully functional administrative Back Office.
  • Debtor and Creditor information management.
  • Reminder facility based on action schedules.
  • Dynamic business account creation for new account.
  • Well featured Dashboard with KPIs for monitor and control.
  • Frequent import of debtor data from the Business House tools/applications.
  • Action priority & recurrence.
  • Business Account Impersonation.
  • Email and in system notifications.
  • Template based email notifications.
  • Calendar to show debtor payment schedule.
  • Customizable Call to action defined on workflows.
  • Automatic system generated alerts and reminders.
  • Hierarchical action management and reporting workflows.
  • Individual workflow management for Invoices and Disputes.
  • Extensive search and filter options to narrow down results.

Key Benefits

  • Credit Management System

    Highly Secured transactions.

  • Credit Management System

    In app tools like calendar, notes etc for operational efficiency.

  • Credit Management System

    Automation reduced Platform’s Administrator work.

  • Credit Management System

    Proper commission model for Platform Owner well built into the system.