Corporate Rebranding
Corporate Rebranding


Slim Opgewekt is a non-profit organization working towards awareness of Sustainable Energy Sources and how the world can be made a better place using them. They work from School level devising various ways to educate the students about Sustainability.

CR Problem

The Problem

The existing custom-made CMS system was becoming more and more cumbersome to manage. The current website of the organization was neither response nor it was SEO friendly. The stakeholders were also looking for a complete re-branding along with system upgrade with a new design theory keeping the same feel and essence.

The Approach

The design team at CodeEpsilon Services understood the Organization Theme and Philosophy before coming up with the new branding and design. We also suggested the use of standard CMS platform with the possibility of implementing custom modules to serve specific page needs.

CR Approach

Technology Matrix

  • Apache 2.2
  • PHP 5.x
  • My SQL 5.5
  • WordPress 4.x
  • JavaScript
CR Solution

The Solution

The customer needs were translated to a WordPress based solution with custom theme implementation. The design was completely responsive giving the perfect view to the visitors using any device. The new system provisioned the customer with the flexibility of updating content as and when needed from anywhere anytime. It also gave them host of other features which made their internet presence felt more and helped them re-create their brand altogether.

Administration was standard as offered by WordPress. Various additional implementations were done which helped them keep a complete track of various administrator activities, view security treats enable them be in complete control all the time.

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The Result

By Choosing CodeEpsilon Services Pvt. Ltd as the solution provider, Client was able to provide following to their end users.

  • A Responsive website in lines to company theme and working.
  • Fully functional administration panel using which the admins can manage every aspect and content on the website.
CR Result

Key Benefits

  • Key Benefits

    Upscale design as per current industry standards.

  • Key Benefits

    Optimized website for better performance and usability.

  • Key Benefits

    Email alerts for various actions and security treats to keep the admin always informed.

  • Key Benefits

    Secured website with least vulnerability possibilities.

  • Key Benefits

    Role based access to specific sections and data for better control and security.

  • Key Benefits

    Responsive design giving awesome feel to visitors all the time irrespective of their device.