Credit Status Identifier
Credit Status Identifier
Credit Status Identifier
Credit Status Identifier


Information about the debit status of an individual or company is very important part of agencies in Finance Business. This is all the way more important for Non-Banking Finance Institutions. The customer identified this need and identified a simple application that can help the players in NBFI sector to have a platform which reveals the credit status of a debtor. The objective was to empower the NBFI companies to be completely aware of the debtor’s financial situation and can take a conscious decision about lending them credit.

CSI Problem

The Problem

The need was to have an online system that is easy to manage and which can be used by the financial individuals and companies to manage and share information about the debtors. The company needed a web-based system which is very easy to manage, built on latest technical platform, secured, can cater to high volume of users/data and give Reports which can be used by the System Administrator and registered users.

‘InfoShare’ after their market research approached CodeEpsilon Services with the requirement to make a custom web-based Application that can be used by the corporate and individual business personal to manage and share information of their debtors under high security. The software along with the management panel was also to be made available on mobile apps in future.

The Approach

CSI Solution

The Solution

Architects at CodeEpsilon devised a cloud based online solution for SiteFit. The web system is versatile enough to provide the right platform for Business Houses and Individual Business Owners manage their credits and view all defaults anywhere anytime. The CMT enabled restricted access based on user roles and gives the flexibility to create and manage custom workflows for the management of the credit. The system comes with basic features with Free Subscription and also provisions special feature extensions in Subscription Mode.

The new system is a complete transformation of current online platform with 95% automation. The new system has detail logging mechanism logging each action taken by any of the user. This System is highly secure and provisions the users with inline tools for day in day out use like events calendar, highly interactive dashboard for better operations.

By Choosing CodeEpsilon Services Pvt. Ltd as their solution provider, Client was able to provide a highly secure Responsive web application accessible via almost all devices uniformly.

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System Features

  • Manage Role based access.
  • Mange and Assign Grantor information.
  • Multilingual System with RTL implementation.
  • Import of existing debtor data via Import module.
  • Credit points addition and deletion, for the Creditors based on usage pattern.
  • Manage complete loan information.
  • Extensive Search based on search criteria.
  • Manage creditors – individual/Company.
  • SMS and Email Notifications about relevant triggers.

Technology Matrix

  • Azure
  • Apache 2.2
  • PHP 5.x
  • CodeIgnitor(MVC)
  • My SQL 5.5
  • JavaScript
  • Soap
  • Cent OS

Key Benefits

  • Credit Status Identifier

    Periodic System Backups.

  • Credit Status Identifier

    Disaster Management and Recovery.

  • Credit Status Identifier

    Automation reduced Platform’s Administrator work.

  • Credit Status Identifier

    SMS and Email alerts for quick processing of debt requests.

  • Credit Status Identifier

    In time details debt information. Saved the users from foul loan requests.

  • Credit Status Identifier

    Highly Secured transactions.

  • Credit Status Identifier

    Load Balancing for handling heavy traffic.

  • Credit Status Identifier

    Multilingual Support in 2 languages with RTL effect.

  • Credit Status Identifier

    Proper commission model for Platform Owner well built into the system.