Doctalk app


DocTalk is an EHR system that allows providers to record their day-to-day activities, including hospital, office, dialysis unit, and surgery center costs. It helps healthcare organizations to increase clinical productivity and improve the quality of patient care.

DocTalk® was originally developed by AKDHC MIS. Since then, this enterprise-grade interface application has been used by nephrologists and other professionals on iOS devices.

With the success and growth of the app nationwide, the customer wanted to grow DocTalk® across all devices and platforms. They immediately approached us to assist with this task.


The Objective

The client was looking for development partners to develop and launch the Android version of the product that have been in use for almost a decade now on IOS platform. They wanted to create a scalable Android Solution for their existing IOS mobile app that can manage all the huge data of hospitals and patients, maintains the compliance and guidelines, is available round the clock (online or offline), provides latest information always and is managed within a single codebase for efficient and bug free experience across both platforms.


Clients Key Expectation

  • The Android app should have a smooth UI/UX that is easy to use and efficient.
  • Must be device adaptive to ensure its usage across mobiles and tablets.
  • Must be available always, even when the internet is not available.
  • The Data available should be the latest for procedural accuracy.
  • Should be able to process high volume of data fed via numerous APIs.
  • The app architecture should support other services built on older frameworks.
  • Technical framework should allow for seamless development of IOS app and should be easily maintainable.

The Challenge

The EHR platform was built with an efficient but legacy backend. The primary goal of this project was to take customer’s existing DocTalk® legacy iOS mobile application and port it over, along with some new features and bug fixes over legacy application, to a modern and scalable HIPAA compliant mobile application for Android devices.

The key challenges were to understand an existing legacy codebase, its architecture, consume enormous amount of data to be pulled in via numerous legacy APIs, maintaining HIPPA compliance, integrate with legacy technologies working in backend and architect the new architecture which is high performance, scalable, secure and robust enough to take into account expected future needs of the app.



Our first step was to analyze the existing legacy iOS app against a sample test data to understand and map the present functional and non-functional requirements of the app. This was followed by sessions with customer wherein add-on features, specific Edge-cases and critical acceptance conditions were discussed and finalized.

The outcome of the extensive workshops was the requirements/specification document that highlighted all the functional and non-functional aspects of the app to be developed. The process was then continued and customer was provided with a full development approach that included the following activities

Screen Designs

App Prototyping

Iterative Agile development

API integration

Security Implementation, Performance Optimization and Offline Support formulation.

HIPPA Compliance

Alpha and QA testing

UAT internal & closed group beta testing by clients

Transfer and training of product knowledge

Marketplace Guidelines fulfilment & Publishing

Support and Maintenance

As the customer’s ultimate goal was to incorporate the iOS and Android solutions within single codebase, we advised the best cross platform technology stack suited to those requirements.


The Solution

The result of this project is a secure and scalable Android mobile application built using a cross-platform technology stack enabling the key requirement of having a single codebase. In future, if the need be, the same codebase can be extended to built an IOS app. The single codebase will allow for efficient and easier management. Also, the latest architecture and technically advance constructs provides new lease of life to the app. The app can now look forward atleast a decade into the future.

The Android application developed is used by the doctors to record their daily activities, including hospital, office, dialysis unit and surgery center costs. It helps in increasing their efficiency and reducing overall costs. The benefits they get include

  • Reduced overhead and labor costs.
  • Current accurate patient data.
  • Round the clock app availability even when offline.
  • Easy synchronization and data conformance.
  • Increased productivity.

Results Of Our Efforts

We have created an application engine that is now ready to take the medicine industry by storm. The solution developed offers great experience and work flawlessly on all modern mobile devices with performance and usability features that surpass the legacy app and even most of the competitor's apps. Above all, the developed product is easy to manage and maintain due to a single codebase that works both for Android and IOS platforms.