This zero-carbon-footprint, eco-friendly, water-wise, environmentally green company was founded in. They grew as the Largest Specimen Tree nursery in North America, with farming, retail and landscaping operations throughout the southwest and across three time zones. They provided high quality trees and plants in all sizes to their customers THE RIGHT WAY! Everything from design through delivery and installation is performed by their professional and dedicated nursery staff, along with a one-of-a-kind tree warranty!

In the 19 years since they first opened, the company has expanded from its original retail location in Phoenix to 23 retail locations in Arizona, California, Nevada and Texas. In addition, the company owns more than 2,000 acres of farmland in California and Arizona where their inventory is grown.

Multistore Ecomm App

The primary objective was to replace the existing web systems with up to date modern day solution to provide an improved user experience backed by a world class design, increased user engagement, higher lead generation/conversion, and online revenue generation opportunities.

The new web solutions should fit into company's existing business management processes and integrate with critical back office systems such as inventory management, order processing and fulfillment as well as digital marketing systems used for inbound marketing and lead generation.

Multistore Ecomm App
Multistore Ecomm App

Salient Features

  • Language and currency localization.
  • Fully responsive custom design.
  • Scheduled automatic Import and Export of catalog and customer information within systems.
  • Complete backup and rollback mechanisms.
  • Search engine friendly URL’s
  • Auto-generated site map for display on site
  • Auto-generated popular search terms page
  • Google Plum Tree.
  • Optimized indexing for faster indexing with no customer lag.
  • OLark Chat :: Initiate chat from main web page, store level pages, product detail pages, contact pages

Store Features

  • Multi site and multi store interface.
  • Role based administration with restrictive access upto store level.
  • Better control on Price and Promotions.
  • Multi store Inventory Management.
  • Manage Tax structure and processing.
  • Admin controlled shipping destination countries
  • UPS Shipping integration with label printing - view, edit, print labels
  • Flat rate shipping capability per order or item
  • Refund Orders with store credit or redeemable virtual gift cards.
  • Create Store Credits and tie to customer accounts.
  • Create one or multiple invoices, shipments and credit memos per order
Multistore Ecomm App
Multistore Ecomm App

Usability Features

  • Store Locator – Shop by store
  • One page check-out for guest and registered users.
  • Provision Multi shipping destinations within single order.
  • Shopping cart with tax and shipping estimates.
  • Payment options and PayPal.
  • On-site order tracking from customer accounts
  • Reward Points - programs to provide incentives to frequent shoppers.
  • Order Status and History
  • Convinience of Re-order from account
  • Real-time shipping rates from UPS, UPS XML (account rates)
  • Call center (phone) order creation
  • RSS feed of new orders, new products, Special products, Coupons and discount offerings etc.
  • Bulk purchase using SKU – Enable B2B customers provide SKUs without having to go into product pages. Beneficial for large order and recurring orders.
Multistore Ecomm App

Virtual Landscape Builder

VLB takes user imagination to a new level by providing a virtual view to the imagination. The user can upload the backyard image and place another image atop to define the view. This image can be drag and drop at different location, deleted, replaced, rotated, cropped, resize to bring the thought to virtual shape. The overall setup can then be saved and sent to the company for exact formulation.

Multistore Ecomm App

Secured Information access

The access to the app information is highly secured. It is pulled using a REST APIs. Apart from using SSL, the access to the data is available with proper authorization and authentication. Token based security model is used to make sure that the information stored is always safe and available to authorised system/personel.

Additonally the system adds another level of security within online ordering process using PA-DSS Certification/Payment Bridge. This ensures Full PCI compliance beyond SSL. Customers will also be able to securely save their credit card information for future transactions.

Multistore Ecomm App

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