ED-UP-ME is an AI Based Intelligent-Interactive-Innovative Knowledge Delivery Framework. It brings AI to all of us with its optimum use in the field of Knowledge and Learning. It a one-stop-solution for Knowledge Sharing to the right person at the right Level. It brings with it a Unique AI Powered Interactive Digital Framework for Onboarding and it comes with Tools to Make Organization IIOT & is Industry 4.0 Enabled.

ED-UP-ME is the brain child of a team of Industry Veterans and Subject Matter experts who have extensive experience in training huge number of engineers, developing new age technologies and developing highly automated solutions. They have conducted leading cutting-edge researches & lead research teams to transform organizations. Their motto derives from the name itself Raise yourself, Aptly…

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AI tech for us

Artificial Intelligence Tech brings a lot to the ED-UP-ME Knowledge Delivery Platform.

edupme app
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ED-UP-ME Suite - Features

ED-UP-ME Knowledge Delivery Platform comes with a lot of innovative features which gives its users an edge over the normal Knowledge Delivery Systems.

  • Outcome based education framework.
  • Mapping of Program Outcome PO & Program Specific Outcome PSO with Course Outcome CO.
  • Continuous Assessment and Evaluation for better and improved content per student.
  • Attainment Metrics of PO against planned Metrics for analysis and re-calibration.
  • Provision to enter results of exams for historic trends of performance, additionally used for designing the material and content flow.
  • Various programmable data fields to capture varied aspects of ranking frameworks
  • Easy reporting tool to analyse performance, collect data in formats suggested by NIRF NBA NAAC etc
Edupme app
Equity app

Backend Management System

ED-UP-ME comes with a well-developed well-featured Backend Management System. It’s a Centralised Tool for Universities, Schools, Institutions, Tuition Centres or even individuals.

  • AI based Framework
    for managing Teaching & Learning.
  • Central real time visibility
    of all parameters of Teaching & Learning.
  • Customized dashboards
    for various levels with 100+ pre-built reports.
  • AI backed reports & analysis
    for various ranking frameworks such as NIRF, NBA, NAAC etc.
  • Mapping of performance
    of all institutes, programs, faculties, students etc.
  • Continuous assessment of performance
    of all entities & parameters within university.


  • AI Based Adaptable Content Delivery - customised for every course and individual persona.
  • Continuous Assessment – Assignments, Reports, Homework for Faculties for to manage students.
  • Versatile Central Management Tool – to be used by facilities, management & university stakeholders.
  • In-Class Assistant – for Real Time evaluation by faculties in class.
  • Interaction Help – 24 X 7 help tool for the students.

Silent Accolades

  • Cloud deployment for optimum scalable robust infrastructure needs.
  • Agile development for early customer feedback cycles and better execution control.
  • Properly crafted Backend services for reporting back the Received load details to the command database.
  • High End Security for Data and Access
  • Superb notification system for informing the administrator about any backend service failure.

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