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If you are into the profession of conducting on-field Inspection Reports for your customers OR you are into a business which needs on-field Inspections for managing quality and standards you would be very well versed with the problems and intricacies involved.

Conducing a Cost Effective, Faster, Efficient Inspections with Digital Evidence can make your and your staff’s life much easier.

Equity app
Equity app

Business Challenges

Imagine your workforce on the field conducting Inspections. There is no need to tell the complications involved. Carrying all the paper forms relevant to the Inspection Site, conducting actual inspection and then fill-in the values in paper-based forms, tagging all the forms properly are some of the critical complications involved

Not to forget the complications are further extended when submitting the form to back-office for processing and then the back 0ffice staff processing the forms one by one into the system for analysis and reporting.

Equity app

The Solution

Equity Connect is designed to primarily handle above mentioned business challenges. Equity Connect App along with its highly functional Backend Portal is a complete Digital Inspection Reporting System used by the on-field workforce for conducting onsite inspections.

It is a complete digital Inspection Tool wherein the user can not only provide inspection feedback but can also record video of the conducted inspection for later reference. It’s a boon not only for the App user but also for the Backend Admin staff for analysis and reporting of the inspection.

Equity app


  • Up to 70% faster Inspection Reports generation using Video based Reporting.
  • 50% more Efficient than Paper based Inspection Form.
  • Create and Associate VIDEOs along with Inspection Feedback.
  • Extraction of Photos from the Video file uploaded without any III Party tool requirement.
  • Date and Timestamp on extracted photos for validity check.
  • Saving on Costs by reducing the need of paper-based Inspection Forms.
  • Optimized navigation and data control for rich usability experience.
Equity app


  • Back-office System contains Dynamic Checklist which can be managed by the back-office team. The backend team can create Checklist Templates for various needs and usage. Using these the back-office team can create Dynamic Checklist for their app users.
  • App users can Create Inspection Reports from these Checklist.
  • Seeing is viewing. With each inspection the user can create and Attach a Video which can be reviewed by the reviewer while reviewing the inspections.
  • The attached videos can be deleted or updated by the App user anytime until the Report is Submitted to the Back-Office.
  • Authorise Reports. App user is required to put Digital Signature on the conducted Inspection Report for authentic submission and validation. Signature can also be stored within User Profile and can be updated while submitting report.
  • Internet or no-internal – always remain operational. In case of non-availability of the Internet the Reports are saved locally within the device and can be later sent automatically once internet is available.
  • App user can also deliberately save reports locally within the device for later usage if the need be.
  • Generated Reports are submitted to back-office with the click of a button. The Back-office can review the Reports and download the videos associated to the Report. The Back-office can also generate Snapshots from the video with date and timestamp from within the system as Evidence.
  • Generated Reports can be shared using Report URL. Using these URLs the recipient can View the Report and associated videos even without being an active user of the system. This way the report can be shared with legal and implementation authorities who are not part of the Equity Connect System.
Equity app

Silent Accolades

  • Cloud storage for optimum scalable robust infrastructure needs.
  • CDN based quick accessible storage
  • Prototype based system understanding and design phase for gathering quality details.
  • Agile development for early customer feedback cycles and better execution control.
  • Well designed and calibrated administration panel for managing critical system operations and Reports.
  • Latest OS and Device compatibility.
  • Robust app structure for future scalability and enhancement.

System Management

The system has a well-designed and calibrated administration panel for managing critical system operations.

The System Administrator can manage app users, Reports, Content Pages, Checklists and Head Offices.

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