Information Tracking System
Information Tracking System
Information Tracking System


A mid-size company involved in management of the case tracking information based on their experience knew that the management and tracking of information is very crucial for solving any case. Usual Tracking methodologies and tools help manage and track the information but in a very crude and painful way which often results into overlooking of certain information which tends to be very critical for the case.

Information Tracking System

The Problem

They came up with the requirement of a digital investigation reporting and management system that can take away the pains of traditional way of doing the same. The system had to be secured enough as it holds critical information and at the same time needs to be easy enough to use not to further put stress on the team.

The Approach

Considering USABILITY as the key acceptance criteria and whole purpose of the system, the team at CodeEpsilon Services decided to go in for a requirement analysis along with creation of Non-Functional Prototype (NFP). NFP was chosen over a usual wireframe because it was considered more advantageous to give almost the exact UI interface as that would be in actual system. This was done to enable customer take more aware and conscious decision while approving the forms and flows.

The Challenges


The application was expected to have a well-defined user-friendly interface with an easy flow. The objective was that the user should get easy and quick access to forms. System design should also allow the possibility to open and work on multiple forms and data tools for efficient management and retrieval of information.

This challenge was overcome by making NFP and putting them to test by Beta Users. The interface identified the best from all the tests was taken as final implementations.

Resource Availability

The system was expected to run on local environment, not connected to internet. A complete resource management and import system was formulated so that the application can always work on internal resources.

Information Tracking System

Technology Matrix

  • .NET Framework 4.5
  • C#
  • WCF
  • Infragistics control
  • SQL-Server
Information Tracking System

The Solution

The solution implemented was a Desktop Windows Application. It was a fully self-sustained application with no external dependency for its functioning. It would be operated upon in local network with no connection to outside world giving it immense security intuitively.

Tracking Information System enables Case Information recording and Management – The Digital Way. It helps making investigations and tracking of the data more efficient and proper. It helps tracking and recovery of information in a way that makes the whole job more efficient.

By Choosing CodeEpsilon Services Pvt. Ltd as their solution provider, Client was able to provide a highly secure Responsive web application accessible via almost all devices uniformly.

It enables keeping all pertinent case information organized and in one place. Simplified data entry in consistent formats makes entering and finding case details a breeze. Tracking Information System allows users to quickly find information in the system with an easy to use keyword search, and view related images and other documents which have been obtained.

Readily needed resources were made available within the system. It consisted of resources like World Clock, Time Zone Map, FAA Link, Earth Point Link, Map Links, Country Codes, Airport Codes, Zip Codes, Bank Account Routing Numbers and Dictionary as hands own resource to make Investigation information easy and handy.

It was also provisioned with Message Boards/ Shift Logs - To keep the team up-to-date with case needs, Internal Chat for User to communicate internally; the chat string stores for 24 hours, Upcoming Events- Reminders of upcoming events, meetings, or calls related to the case and Qtis Databases - Up to 35 databases and growing. Customizable to client’s needs.

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The Result

A self-sustained self-dependent Windows Application with:

  • Built in management tools.
  • Users access limited by case.
  • Multiple information trackers.
  • Case wide search capabilities.
  • Extensive System & Data Reports.
  • Automatic history log of data changes.
  • Quick search tools for information retrieval.
  • Integrated calendar for key event reminders.
  • Save and link photos, documents, audio and video recordings.
  • Searches to aid in identifying associated persons, vehicles, locations, photos and other pertinent information.
Information Tracking System

Key Benefits

  • Information Tracking System

    Easy to install and License.

  • Information Tracking System

    Easy Resource onboarding.

  • Information Tracking System

    Makes investigations more efficient.

  • Information Tracking System

    Works on Windows server based networking setup.

  • Information Tracking System

    Faster retrieval of information Increases productivity.

  • Information Tracking System

    Eliminates elementary errors.

  • Information Tracking System

    User friendly even for first time users.

  • Information Tracking System

    Highly Adaptive UI interface Like Outlook 2016.

  • Information Tracking System

    Faster identification of people from system database.

  • Information Tracking System

    Fully capable self-sustained system – no external dependency.