During medical care or treatment, medical practitioners are required in many situations to obtain a patient's "informed consent" informing the patient about all of the potential benefits, risks, and alternatives involved in any surgical procedure, medical procedure, or other course of treatment.

Consent application gives a Digital platform to consent form availability, searching and on the spot printing of the relevant form with Patient and doctor’s data prefilled. It enables the physician with availability of form anywhere and anytime at a click of button.

The Problem

CodeEpsilon Services was approached to make a mobile application for parents who were having devices from Apple, Google and Amazon. The application was to be for the parents of the students who are required to schedule the classes for the students, check the session schedules booked, keep them abreast with any changes or alterations in form of notifications and finally can also see the results.

Technology Matrix

  • Windows Application
  • .NET Framework 4.0
  • WPF
  • XML Encoder/decoder

The Approach

Consent forms are very specific in nature. Physicians have individual details that they want to capture and store. More or less these details are uniform but could vary on case to case basis. The details also vary on the basis of medical procedure to be carried out.

CodeEpsilon conducted sessions and meetings with over 1000+ physicians from various medical disciplines. We collected high volume of the data from various doctors about the medical procedures, risks and consent details needed. Also, we prepared a pool of parameters about the doctor and patient which are needed to be recorded and printed within the Consent Form.

All this information was compiled in the Software Solution which can take care of Consent Form printing for various medical disciplines and captures a wider pool of information of patient and doctor.

The application has a distributed architecture. The App interact with BO API using the JSON & API based architecture.

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The Solution

By Choosing CodeEpsilon Services Pvt. Ltd as the solution provider, Consent Application Solution for hospitals and Individual Physicians to take & record patient consents during their day to day professional activities. It is a desktop Application with pre-defined consent templates. The application can be configured for a Facility or Hospital by filling in Facility or Hospital information. It also allows printing of that information.

In Patient Info section, Facility / User can fill Patient information. These information is fed into the predefined consent templates and printable version ready to print is prepared.

Key Benefits

  • Anti-theft security.

  • User friendly Software Interface.

  • Designed to work seamlessly on multiple OS.

  • Easily Distributable Solution.

  • Easy carriable and deployable solution.

  • No possibility of Non-permitted usage and distribution.