About Loop News

The customer is the Caribbean’s leading digital media sales house. They connect advertisers with the audiences they want to speak to in creative and impactful ways leveraging data to assign value to customers.

In 2015, they needed a new platform to better deliver rich media content to their users and one that better managed their back end publishing processes for their content delivery teams in each of their 30 markets. They wanted to build a new system which would be their flagship enterprise web and mobile application digital products responsible for delivering rich news media to all 30 markets of their customer base.

loopnews app

The Solution

The expected web system is a multi-site multi-domain, multi-lingual News Website. Web site administrator to manage the location wise news within the system. The news will be shown on the respective news site. The existing News website and news management system used by the customer was utdated and was slowly lossing on its relevnce due to management challenges, performance, out-dated technology and ease of usability.

Due to these gaps and issues within the existing system, the new system was decided to be built from scratch from ground up. Also there would be Android & IOS apps running.

Loop News app
loopnews app

The Need

  • The mobile application was only available for IOS Platform. Due to increase in number of requests for Android version over the years, there was the Business Need of an Android version of the app.
  • Moreover, the technology used was an historic one and was required to be replaced with the latest technical platform to give the users that natural edge.

Backend Management System

ED-UP-ME comes with a well-developed well-featured Backend Management System. It’s a Centralised Tool for Universities, Schools, Institutions, Tuition Centres or even individuals.

  • AI based Framework
    for managing Teaching & Learning.
  • Central real time visibility
    of all parameters of Teaching & Learning.
  • Customized dashboards
    for various levels with 100+ pre-built reports.
  • AI backed reports & analysis
    for various ranking frameworks such as NIRF, NBA, NAAC etc.
  • Mapping of performance
    of all institutes, programs, faculties, students etc.
  • Continuous assessment of performance
    of all entities & parameters within university.

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Salient Features

  • Fully response new website.
  • Robust scalable infra via Azure Hosting.
  • High Performance with Under 2.5 - 3 Second page load time.
  • High load capacity of Over 300 user per minute traffic.
  • Storage of media files on blob storage (Microsoft Azure).
  • Advanced Sales and Marketing analysis using Analytics and Localytics.
  • System monitoring with extensive logging of user actions.
  • Drag-n-drop based user interface for the ease of content management.
  • Single-Sign-On for login via various platforms.
  • Smart Widgets for news collation and suggestive news articles.
  • Migration from existing news platform with 95%+ accuracy.
  • Centralised management of the news for news consistancy across platforms.
Loopnews app

Silent Accolades

  • Cloud storage for optimum scalable robust infrastructure needs.
  • Agile development for early customer feedback cycles and better execution control.
  • Offline application support for the medical practitioners on the move.
  • Highly Optimised Business Process Engine for the handling of enormous Application Data between the app and server.

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