It takes a lot of work to generate leads and turn them into qualified prospects. It’s harder still to convert them into clients or customers. Many business owners give up on their prospect too early in the sales cycle. The trouble many people have in follow up is that they don’t have the tools, systems and a plan to reach out to their leads. Lead Management System is an online software that fills in this space perfectly.

The Problem

The customer came with an unfinished product with bugs and yet to be implemented functionality. It was necessary for the product to reach market to kill the competition and re-create its space. The product was conceptualized in consideration to market needs and was planned to cater to same. But the inefficiency of the development team beat the whole objective.

The Approach

The Challenges

The very best tool is to have good system where you can record your contracts information, including important details such as birthdays. Also track results of follow up and follow up tasks with automatic alerts to remind you. System must be easy to use and record information with few clicks.

Technology Matrix

  • Android
  • IOS
  • Drupal 7
  • Titanium Framework
  • My SQL 5.5
  • XML
  • Agile

The Solution

By Choosing CodeEpsilon Services Pvt. Ltd as their solution provider, Client was able to provide following to their end clients.

  • Mobile Responsive web application in Drupal.
  • Drupal server as backend for Mobile as well.
  • Cross platform mobile app built on Titanium framework for Android and IOS both.

Lead Management System turns your phone into a Digital Lead Capture Tool then tracks Follow Up. More paper surveys or info cards. Help move her/him up the career path with Daily IPA notification from consultants to their recruiters or Directors. Lead Management System changes the game for every Consultant and Director by putting all your leads and your Income Producing Activities in the palm of your hand, wherever you go. The leads go right into Cloud via your mobile device. That means you never lose a lead again, even if you lose your device.

Please Contact CodeEpsilon for any assistance in IT Consulting/Software Development/Infrastructure Management. We would be glad to assist you in the best possible way.

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Application Features

Free Users will see growth by consistently using our:

  • IPA Tracking will not only measure your progress, but will encourage you to achieve more.
  • Income Producing Activity (IPA) Bank.
  • "Medal Rewards" help you keep track of everything you have accomplished (Bronze, Silver and Gold)
  • Simple Touch 6 Most Important List Assignment.

Pro Users will benefit from:

  • LEADS CAPTURE AND TRACKNG! No more cards, surveys, or missed opportunities!
  • Prospective customer can enter their own information ...directly into your device.
  • Attach a photo to the lead record for easy recognition
  • Assign Tasks like Book, Pre-profile, Pamper, and Reschedule with Due Dates automatically feeds into your Task List.
  • Send Email Invites directly from the Pink Task App
  • When the lead becomes a customer simply import their info to your customer database.
  • Consultants: Hit "Mark Completed" on IPAs in Task List and you have the option for Automatic IPA Reporting to your Recruiter or Director.
  • Directors: Get automatic daily reports of these completed IPAs for you team or unit members who are Pink Task Pro Subscribers.