The customer is the district leading Quality and HSE consultancy in Norway. They tailor solutions to specific business needs! The organization provides solutions to Health, Safety, Environment and Quality management. Additionally, they offer web-based software solutions for managing all aspects of Safety, Quality, time reporting, inventory, maintenance and much more. With a vision to affect business, they deliver HSEQ and administrative solutions for all types of companies and industries.

The Problem

The customer wanted to have a mobile app (both IOS and Android) built to provide the same web functionality to the end customers via mobile also. The mobile app was supposed to execute Registrations of non-conformances, observations, personal injury and similar. The mobile application has a simple and intuitive interface, making registration of reports fast and easy. The application communicates with Reporting Centre and this system acquires further processing after registration is done. The application works superbly for non-conformance registration, registration of accidents, injuries, damage to machinery and equipment and similar reports. In addition to this, the application is very well suited for check lists and other types of reporting.

The Approach

CodeEpsilon Services initiated with a consulting phase which included INTERFACING with exiting system and workflow to understand the current working scenario. In parallel collaboration with the customer was done to define new upmarket features and translate the features in conjunction to usability for mobile apps. In-depth analysis was done and the definition of the application was drawn in WIREFRAMES giving customer the exact idea of the upcoming system.

The Challenges


The application forms and logical flow in web was to be translated into mobile application, within a small limited space, with the usability consideration. The complete modules and logics were designed with UI/UX and ease of usability taken into account. This challenge was handled by doing extensive WIREFRAMING during the requirement gathering sessions. Although challenging but the job was well done, as it was accepted well by the application users.

Business Process Retention

It was important to attend to the mobile application need that was arising from the market. The original system was augmented with APIs which comprises the same logic that of web application. The new mobile application was development using the same APIs and existing web application was also transformed to use the same API backend so as to make all the application interface, web or mobile, consistent at all times.

Development and Enhancement

Mobile application was necessary but so were the new features being requested by the users. So, it was necessary that the new features are released consistently along with mobile app feature release. A detailed roadmap was built to define and release features that are in coordination with each other.

Technology Matrix

  • Native Android & IOS
  • .NET
  • MSSQL 2012
  • JSON

The Solution

CodeEpsilon Services Analysts understood challenges involved and create a complete product rod map. This made sure that the simultaneous development is handled properly and is used to the product advantage rather then being a limitation. The mobile application was developed which was replication of the same functionality as that of the main web application with more refinement.

The application was developed for both IOS and ANDROID platforms. Backing it up was a common platform that was backing the web system. Thus, the application was always consistent with the web platform.

  • Camera: Take pictures that will accompany the reports when sent to the Reporting Centre.
  • Templates: Templates created are Reporting Centre, and automatically made available.
  • Proposed solution was multifold. The complete strategical formulation was done and the existing web based application was converted to a loosely coupled application with distributed setup. The application was transformed to have a common backend which could server the new mobile apps also in similar fashion.
  • Report: Reports can be sent directly from application to registered email address.
  • The app has completed 4 phases and is available on Apple and Android stores. The development for the rest of the modules in underway.
  • Push Alerts: User gets push notifications to mobile when a report has been generated, is being followed up, and when it is closed.

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The Result

By Choosing CodeEpsilon Services Pvt. Ltd as their solution provider, Client was able to provide following to their end clients:

  • Fast and secure Native Mobile application for Android and IOS to provide the same QA services over mobile devices.
  • Streamlined backend publishing platform which acted as common backend platform fueling the front end web and mobile applications with logics.

Key Benefits

  • Periodic System Backups.

  • Integrated web and mobile environment.

  • Multilingual Support made app more acceptable.

  • Custom workflow management for individual needs.

  • Disaster Management and Recovery.

  • Load Balancing for handling heavy traffic.

  • Notification services kept the users abreast of the latest.