A Software Product Development Company in UK during their market analysis in 2015 came up with the need of a mobile application which can facilitate the users record and stream video reports along with location information. This requirement was originated from various needs in the market both from Individuals and Corporates. The need came from the perspective of Security and Evidence from various perspective.

The Problem

ReportCam approached CodeEpsilon Services with the concept of the mobile application for their users to create video streams both in online and offline mode. The data storage was expected to be on central server. A Report was to be sent to the designated users who can view the complete Video Report along with the location details of the sender on Map. The system should be supported via Back Admin giving Admin the control and monitoring capabilities over the complete system and on-going operations.

The Approach

At CodeEpsilon Services we understand the PRODUCT development life cycle and how important it is to keep the Stakeholders satisfied, potential Customers interested and Investors invested. The first objective was to get the MVP to the market with the basic features. A complete Product RoadMap was defined and signed off with the customer and the stakeholders in parallel.

The Challenges


The application was expected to have a well-defined user-friendly interface with an easy flow. The objective was that the user should get easy and quick access to key features like Recording and sending report with in process notifications for each stage.

This challenge was overcome by making numerous prototypes and putting them to test by Beta Users. The interface identified the best from all the tests was taken as final implementations.

Data Authenticity

The data is the key to the application as it is used for evidence and proof. The system is tightly secured with restricted access to defined user roles. The APIs are secured with interaction level security. The complete system is run in SSL so make it further secured.

Additionally, GDPR standards are being implemented to have EU standards implemented for data privacy regulations.

Technology Matrix

  • Native Android & IOS
  • PHP Zend
  • JSON
  • AWS Server
  • R5Pro Streaming

The Solution

The system had the following components:

Mobile Applications

  • iOS & Android Applications for the End User – Both Individual and Business Users.
  • Applications are available for FREE with basic features and under SUBSCRIPTION mode with premium features.
  • Application for Individuals can be downloaded from the stores. Business Applications in available under VPP program from Apple for Business. For Android Business Application is available under restricted area accessible for Business Users Only.

Back Office

  • Approve/Disapprove Branding requests.
  • Keep an oversight on transactions and subscriptions.
  • Launch Android Business Applications for Business Houses.
  • Back Office is the administrative tool used by the Administrator to manage and monitor the complete system from central location.


  • The application has a distributed architecture.
  • These APIs are highly secured and runs on SSL.
  • The mobile apps & Back Admin work on the same API backbone via JSON, JSON-RPS & API interaction model.

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The Result

A tightly integrated system with key features:

  • Secured video/report storage and search facility.
  • Reports can be downloaded and saved to local device for future reference.
  • Reports are received via email and SMS and can be further shared by the recipient.
  • Ease of usage with just three clicks needed to create, send and store Video Reports.
  • Branding feature allowing customization of the Report Page with user specific branding.
  • Fast and secure Native Mobile application for Android and IOS with better than ordinary video.
  • The sender and recipients are kept notified of the streams and can also react by sending messages.
  • Responsive Report Pages containing sender details, time and date stamp, a location map and the video.
  • Application with Free Version with basic features and a Subscription model for unlimited features and usage.
  • Streamlined backend platform for administrator to monitor and control the various application aspects like Users, Assets and Branding Approvals.

Key Benefits

  • Report based evidence.

  • Automation reduces Administrator’s active involvement.

  • Enables individuals and businesses up-sell their services.

  • Application features available offline also. Usage possibility while online or offline.

  • Applicable for host of industry verticals like Automotive, Property Sales, Building Services, Property Maintenance, Hire/Rental Services.

  • Can operate from anywhere anytime.

  • Business version of application also available for corporate usage.

  • A Digital professional application to prevent disputes and misunderstandings.

  • Centralized management, monitoring and control over the Operations & transactions.