A Bowling high performance Products manufacturing & marketing company in US wanted to take advantage of Mobility, as one of their marketing and sales promotion. The app was expected to help Bowling Players in improving their game thus increasing their interest and at the same time work as marketing platform for their product line and the brand.

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The Problem

The customer already being into the business of providing bowling equipment, wanted to have a mobile application to help amateur and recreational bowlers with custom bowling ball fitting. The app will help the users improve their performance on statistical basis.

The Challenges

The Approach

The approach included gaining the understanding of bowling game and the algorithms used to come out with suggestions. It was very important to understand the complex formulas involved in the calculations to get the right implementation done. A SME was included all across the development to provide the correct formulas and flow to come to the right conclusive play variation.

The development was done with Agile methodology for quick analysis and verification of implementations. The application was decided to be developed in cross platform for faster development and central business logic.

Test cases and test data was prepared while collaboration, which were used to put the application to a thorough test after development.

Technology Matrix

  • Xamarin
  • .NET API
  • MSSQL 2012

The Solution

The solution was a mobile application that allow bowlers to input their own characteristics into the app one time. They are then expected to key in their actual bowling details into the application repeatedly with each play. The application works in background on complex algorithms created by Storm Bowling Physicists and calculates custom fit settings that the user can then use in actual bowling floor and work them out.