A Pheonix based customer, a photographer by profession was always in need and search of locations or venues which can be used for various commercial purposes like events, marriages, photoshoots etc. On the other hand the customer was also aware that there are people in the network who have such locations which could be privte or public locations good for such events. This application was customer'sidea to bridge the gaps and bring the locations owners and bookers under one roof.

The goal was to create a digital platform where people can host the locations which can be booked/reserved by the other users. The locations were expected to have high resolutions images and videos and was expected to have a revenue model attached to the locations and bookings.

The location owner can set the preferences and the booker can book for specified dates, time and price. The whole system needed to be controlled and monitored by a System Admin. The system was supposed to handle unlimited high resolution images and photos of locations stored by the users and make then accessible with high speed anytime anywhere.

Key Features

  • Management of venues at hourly slots.
  • Booking requstes needs approval of the host.
  • Once approved, payment needs to be made to complete booking.
  • Handling of multiple requests for the same venue at the same slot.
  • Handling of existing booking if the location is not further availabile.
  • Proper handling of cancellation of booking and processing refund.
  • Subscribed and un-subscribed mode handling.
  • Complete tracking of the booking and payment history per user.

Salient Features

  • Acurate handling of the complex revenue model.
  • Split payment model to instantly credit the commission to the booking platform.
  • Dynamic storage and effecient retrival of the high resolution venue images.
  • System backup and recovery.

Commission Model

The essential factor of the system was the revenue distribution model. It was needed to be designed to give the customer the independence of distributing the payemnts to the location creator manaully. Also it was expected that the end customer should be paid as soon as the bookkings is done rather than doing it manually by checking all books every month end. This was accomplished by using the distributed payment model provided by Stripe Payment Gateway. The process was implemented and is being used within the app and is provided much mroe than what was desired for.

Secured information access

The product and user information is highly secured. It is pulled by the mobile app using a REST APIs. Apart from using SSL, the access to the data is available with proper authorization and authentication. Token based security model is used to make sure that the information stored is always safe and available to authorised system/personel.

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