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SMRG is primary supplier of masonry cements, fly ash and other pozzolans, and natural gypsum. Typically, Mix Manufacturers order their supplies from SMRG and on delivery, Manufacturer then uses those supplies at their mixing plants to process, mix and deliver the products to construction job sites around the area.

Since SRMG does not provide any delivery services to its customers, they rely on the Manufacturers to come pick-up the supply loads. Manufacturer will either pick up the supply load with their own trucks or use a 3rd party transport service.

Srmg app

Business Complication

Once the supply load is picked up, the load (mostly delivered to the correct destination) sometimes is re-routed to an alternate mixing plant.

The load can also be partially delivered to a destination if after pickup it is identified that the full load is not needed. In such cases the pending load is re-routed to another available destination to avoid wastage.

Srmg app
srmg app
Srmg app


For any Pickup and Delivery Services Company it is of utmost importance that pickup and deliveries are properly tracked and accounted. Order destination Accuracy admist routing and re-routing of the deliveries is an absolute must. Industry regulations mandates that supplier SRMG is responsible for their own order fulfilment and tracking.

Order reroutes or partial delivery negatively impact profitability. Anytime an order gets rerouted, SRMG loses expected profit on the possible prices it could have charged relative to the actual destination.

Order reroutes cause customers to report missing loads and/or incorrect billing which causes the customer to incur added administrative costs from an order management and update perspective.

Order reroutes cause a longer accounts receivable cycle. Since the customer must first report the billing error on an unreceived supply load and then wait for an updated invoice to make a payment, potentially slowing the rate at which payments come in.

srmg app

The Need

    SRMG needed a system to

  • Improve Delivery Accuracy and proper tracking of the delivered items.
  • Reduce / Eliminate / Stabilize Reroute Pricing Leakage to control monitory losses.
  • Maximize Sales / Destination Delivery Profitability resulting in increased business and happy customers.
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Srmg app

The Solution

What was required was a System that can track supply deliveries to customer sites in an effort to mitigate lost profitability resulting from delivery reroute and split load cost leakages.

This is exactly what SRMG APP is designed for.
The SRMG Mobile Application will be used to track and report on the pickup and delivery activity and accuracy of SRMG products to its customers.

When the SRMG shipment arrives at any Customer destination, the receiver will perform a delivery scan. This scanning process will provide SRMG with the data to track and evaluate accuracy so as to make corrections on invoicing and also on future shipment with SRMG customers. The process will also give the customer the ability to see the shipping status of their expected delivery at any moment in time.

Key Facilities

Auto Location Detection

Manufacturer’s employees are expected to take deliveries of the loads at various locations of your sites. SRMG Mobile App has Auto Location Detection of device using which it displays only the list of loads intended for that location.

Barcode Scan

Typing the delivery load number is a cumbersome job on the site with all dust and mess. SRMG Mobile App provides BARCODE SCANNING feature so that the invoice BARCODE can we scanned for identification of the load received giving the user a hassle-free recording the receipt of the load.

Speech to Text

In case the BARCODE cannot be scanned due to print quality, the user can speak the Ticket Number to record the receipt the load. The SPEECH TO TEXT feature converts the spoken number into text and matches it with the database to mark the receipt of the load.

Delivery Status Updates

Frequent Periodic updates of delivery status of each of the loads giving user the exact details if the load in In-Route, Cancelled or Delivered. Also the user is informed the duration when the status were updated.

Offline Support

Allows scaning and recording data if device is offline. Scanned and stored locally until network is available. When network available, sends the scans to Command Database. Scans get sent in the background. App does not have to be launched.

Srmg app

Silent Accolades

  • Cloud storage for optimum scalable robust infrastructure needs.
  • Prototype based system understanding and design phase for gathering quality details.
  • Agile development for early customer feedback cycles and better execution control.
  • Properly crafted Backend services for reporting back the Recieved load details to the command database.
  • Superb notification system for informing the administrator about any backend service failure.

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