Vidolci was a new concept of sending video greeting cards to family, friends and Businesses. The whole concept ideated from the desire to be able to send the travel videos without having to wrap them in advertising. The Concept extended to promotional videos for products and businesses and was well accepted by individuals and corporates.

The Problem

‘Vidolci’ a greeting Inc. was looking for right solution partner to provide right technical direction to the product concept they are working on for almost more than a year. Due to lack of proper technical support, they were unable to even create a proper successful Proof of Concept. The challenges faced by Vidolci team were not limited to but included No proper solutions to challenges, completely wrong technical platform suggested for POC etc. Thus the whole concept never was able to take off from the floor of thoughts.

The Approach

CodeEpsilon Services went into consulting mode where we tried to understand the exact requirement and expectation of the customer. We also discussed and finalized the road map for the product and what is planned in future. Based on our experience we devised a product definition that in lines to customer expectations and was also practical in terms of implementation.

The Challenges

Technical Architecture

The technical architecture in lines to the product key success factors was a challenge upfront:

  • Fast Video upload.
  • Transferring video with variable bit rates.
  • Uniform video streaming experience with least buffering.
  • Subscription Management according to plan (customization on view of video & storage).
  • Quick playback after request.
  • Scalability in terms of Video Storage without losing them.
  • System based Cover photo processing from uploaded video.

Technology Matrix

  • PHP – Zend framework
  • AWS
  • JWPlayer
  • IOS (Swift)

The Solution

The solution is a well-designed web application to send Video mails, Greetings, Promotional offers in Mail. The users can create their own video marketing messages for customers, co-workers, prospects containing any subjects. And this can be done any number of times and is always Ad-Free. In 3 Easy steps the user can create content. User can manage own address book and can upload their own custom videos. The greeting interface is responsive providing awesome experience on large screens as well as small mobile screens and providing flexibility to the users to view Greetings in their own view no matter where they are accessing it from.

Administrator can at the same time keep a complete track of user activities, number of cards created, published, received etc. Intense administration panel caters to all the needs of the administrator enabling him to be in control of users and their activities all the time.

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The Result

By Choosing CodeEpsilon Services Pvt. Ltd as the solution provider, Client was able to provide following to their end clients.

  • Mobile Responsive web application.
  • Well backup and scalable infrastructure on Amazon AWS.
  • Mobile Application which can be used anywhere anytime giving the same experience as the web app.

Key Benefits

  • Periodic System Backups.

  • Disaster Management and Recovery.

  • Subscription based features availability.

  • Customizable Greeting Interface for that personal touch.

  • Cloud based implementation for accessibility anytime anywhere.

  • Cover photo was extracted from uploaded video. No manual action needed by uploader.

  • Operate from anywhere anytime.

  • Load Balanced for handling heavy traffic.

  • Easy 3-step process flow for greeting management.

  • High level of automation for Administration & Maintenance.

  • Role based access to specific sections and data for better control and security.

  • Transferring video with variable bit rates. Gives almost uniform video display experience.