The purpose of this web platform is to develop a background engine and control'n'montoring system for the video inspection mobile app. The prime criteria was to have very interactive self explanatory admin that can be operated upon by non-technical administration staff of any company from any industry. The process and work flows were supposed to be self guiding and also the interface was expected to be designed for the age group of 25-60 year of staff. The interface was designed to be web based with responsive design (upto tablet) with large fonts and self explanatory text and videos which narrates the process and help in trouble shooting.

The platform was also expected to give the SuperAdmin full control on the complete system. From a single interface the super admin can monitor and control all its customers and customers of customers including their reports and inspections submitted.

The backend also formulates the engine that keeps the apps running and syncronised with high level of security.

Key Features

  • Dynamic management of the head offices from within a single interface.
  • Control roles and accessbility for each head office from the centrol control unit.
  • Monitor and inspect all the users and reports generated by each head office users.
  • Monthly and till date reports of the activities within each Head Office.
  • Restrict access of head office or its users to the admin panel or the app (if needed)
  • Head office Admin controlled custom inspection forms.
  • Notification service for sending notifications to users.
  • Manage inspection schedules for carrying our scheduled inspections.
  • Manage draft inspections not yet distribution ready.
  • Assign Report Receipients to specific inspection check lists.
  • Assign inspectors to the checklist forms for conducting the inspections.
  • Very informative and intuitive Admin panel displaying details of schedules, actions and inspection status
  • A link to the Inspection Report is automatically sent to admin for records.
  • Inspection Reports can be assessed at a glance via Admin dedicated dashboard.

Salient Features

  • Extremely user friendly with suggestive videos and help.
  • The report, including completed checklist and videos is encrypted and uploaded to a secure server.
  • A background sync process that sync the offline reports and videos taken to the server when internet is there.
  • No text and no photos - only videos and checklists which leave no room for interpretation.
  • GDPR compliance.

Global Usage

The desinged system can be used for practically every industry and domain. Based on the statistics the app is being used by various industry verticals and people. The features that make it possible include but are not limited to

  • Dynamic Head Office Management.
  • Custom Checklist Management.
  • Variable Checklist scheduling for each target user.
  • Secured access and authorization.
  • Role management for conrolled accessibility.

Secured information access

The access to the app information is highly secured. It is pulled using a REST APIs. Apart from using SSL, the access to the data is available with proper authorization and authentication. Token based security model is used to make sure that the information stored is always safe and available to authorised system/personel. Moreover the whole system is GDPR compliant.

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