Water Survey Company are required to conduct field surveys of water pipes, equipment and components. The data is collected and maintained within a management system. This is very important for maintenance and making sure that the complaints from the customers are handled in time.

The customer who brought the concept of mobile app to us, wanted to make this process and methodology more Real Time, efficient and less bothering.

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The Problem

The customer came to CodeEpsilon Services with an idea of digitizing the field survey process. The requirement was to have a digital survey system that makes the whole survey and reporting process digital, which is as realistic & practical as the normal routine. This would give the whole process a Real-Time effect, reduce the mistakes that happen in manual paper based data recording and feeding the same at the end of the day in office record management system.

Data security was utmost priority and what was additionally required was the availability of the digital system everywhere anytime with or without internet availability.

The Approach

The Challenges


Surveyors out in field wear gloves and use various equipment for managing the readings and findings. The UI of the app had to be in lines to the usage. Also, it had to accommodate as much information gathering on the same screen as possible for lesser navigation. The UI was designed in lines to this using controls that don’t break the flow but help the surveyor do the job easily.

Data Management

As a product the system has to cater the needs of different survey companies and individuals The system was designed with dynamic property management to give Admin the facility to get the dynamic fields created as and when.

Technology Matrix

  • Android
  • IOS
  • Xamarin
  • MSSQL 2012

The Solution

A system specifically prepared for the Water Survey Company to be exclusively used by their staff. The solution comprised of a feature rich mobile app which can run on mobile and tablets. It also had with is a very well-integrated back administration module which can be used by the surveyor administrative staff. The app also seamlessly integrates with their existing back office giving 100% paper free management & reporting system for their 50+ on field team, collecting and posting test results.

Mobile Applications

  • iOS & Android Applications for the Surveyors.
  • Displayed route information to the surveyor based on allotted surveys.
  • GPS guided map navigation.
  • Provisioned any notification to the on-field surveyor.
  • Well designed easy to use forms for data collection.
  • Store multiple snaps of the defect or problem identified with each survey.
  • Offline mode for operating when the internet is not available.
  • Auto Sync service for the sync of data when the internet is available again.

Web based Back Administration System

  • Separate operational area for Admin and Customer.
  • Dashboard with information summary.
  • Extensive reports regarding the data transmitted.
  • Survey assignment for the surveyor.
  • Notification to surveyor for any change in route.
  • Separate operational area for Admin and Customer.
  • Import module in case auto sync malfunctions.
  • Additionally, Administrator gets
  • Dynamic Form Management to edit form for particular customer.
  • Mapping and Import tool to Import data from existing customer system.

Key Benefits

  • Realistic Reporting.

  • Periodic System Backups.

  • Disaster Management and Recovery.

  • Can we used from variety of devices mobiles and tablets.

  • Centralized management, monitoring and control over the user data for Statistical Analysis.

  • Offline App availability.

  • Almost Realtime date updates.

  • Minimum Administration efforts needed.

  • A professional Mobile application against paper based reporting.

  • Application features available offline also. Usage possibility while online or offline.