A Miami based customer sources a large variety of fresh plants, pots, and accessories from premier growers and factories around the world. They provide the best price-to-performance ratio and offer the most diverse inventory of orchids in the South East to all members. Whether for design, retail, garden center, hospitality, event planning, or another industry, we serve as an inspiration center where ideas bloom.

Flourist app

In an effort to have customers purchase more accessories with each plant, the company wanted to host a platform (mobile application) in which the admins post photos of their products and also post beautiful settings, wherein any of these products are used, in order to inspire their customers to buy more finished product. The whole idea was to upsell the other products by posting inspirational setups and also engage the app users by offering various activites that they can do for themselves.

Flourist app
Flourist app
Flourist app
Flourist app

Key Feature

  • User & product details to be fetched from the III Party CRM+Inventory system.
  • Product & Inspiration pictures shown as free flowing stream of images as in Instagram or Pinterest.
  • Every product image leads to the various inspirations of how it can be used and every inpiration photo leads to every product that is used in that inspiration.
  • Mark them as favorites and assign them to privtate albums within the app.
  • Products can be sorted and foltered based on price and size range.
  • Products can be searched based on name OR by scanning bar code of live product available.
  • Market products by posting them to social media platforms.
  • Sync Users and Prodcuts within the app and the III Party CRM+Inventory system with periodic service.

SCAN Barcodes

No need to search from the long list of products. The BARCODE scan facility lets the user scan the product barcode and the product details from the app backend are there at his disposal. View prodcut details or look into the inspirations where the product is used, all at finger tips.

Flourist app

Secured information access

The product and user information is highly secured. It is pulled by the mobile app using a REST APIs. Apart from using SSL, the access to the data is available with proper authorization and authentication. Token based security model is used to make sure that the information stored is always safe and available to authorised system/personel.

Flourist app

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