Although the end results of the both is a Software Solution but there is considerable difference in development of Software Project and Software Product. It’s a whole different mindset that is needed in both arenas. Software Product Development needs a very different approach, different process and different behavior and a different business model altogether.

Very different attributes come into play when we are talking about Software Product like the Revenue Model, IPRs, Time to Market, Market Priorities and Turnaround Time and many others. Even the level of creativity needed is different within the product development team. The development and maintenance cycle of a Product is significantly different than the one used for a Software Project.


Key distinctive factors

  • Requirement specifications are now completely given, they evolve.
  • Requirements are to be clinically evaluated for being or not being part of the product.
  • The requirements are ever-evolving bringing out the important of prioritization of the needs.
  • The design of the product needs to be robust and scalable in true sense as these factors are truly exploited here as compared to a Software Project.
  • Product development is an iterative process and is a continuous process. Each phase of software development cycles comes in multiple times and there is a profuse overlap between stages.
  • Intense testing, Versioning and Release management are the most important factors.
  • Stakes are high within a software product. Factors like Time to Market, Competitor Analysis, Feature Set, Quality, Turnaround Time all play very critical role in making or breaking the customer base.
  • Risk Management and Mitigation strategies for Products are quite different.
  • Documentation is another important aspect of product development.

Thus the team working on product and their mindset needs to be very different than the ones developing regular projects.

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