SWIFT - Adaptation of new platform
By CodeEpsilon   |   13 May 2018   |    Mobile

Lyft decided to pivot from being a conventional ride-sharing service into something more directly competitive with Uber.A bit over a year after Apple's announcement, it was ready with an all-Swift version of Lyft.

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The Interoperability - Swift and Objective-C
By CodeEpsilon   |   12 May 2018   |    Mobile

Objective-C was created and tuned for IOS development from birth. Swift on the other hand came into existence to replace an aging programming language for a modern technology platform.

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Should we transit towards SWIFT?
By CodeEpsilon   |   11 May 2018   |    Mobile

Like any new development language, Swift has its own set of challenges and gaps but at the same time has its own set of advantages too. Still Swift is being accepted widely and rapidly.

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