Colonnades are the pillars, Pillars which hold the complete structure upright. Our colonnades are the core values that lay our foundation and are the key driving focus in how we implement our culture, brand, business strategies. The values are embodied into everything that we do and is part of all our endeavors. These core values when implemented from grass root level, give us the confidence to achieve the best for our customers who in turn feel save and rooted with us.


Individual commitment to a group effort - that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.

- Vince Lombardi

Commitment is the key driving force which help an individual achieve his goals. Individual goals help the team achieve their goals which in turn help the company achieve its own set of goals. At CodeEpsilon we understand that bigger goals can be achieved when individual goals are met. Thus we nurture a team for whom the commitment is just a habit. A habit that creates winners.

Sustainable development requires human ingenuity. People are the most important resource.

- Dan Shechtman

We believe that creativity and innovation comes from deep within when the mind is given the right environment. A human mind can we innovative and do wonders if it can think freely. At CodeEpsilon we give our team the freedom to be creative and innovative and derive workable solutions to highly complex problems/requirements.

Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.

- C. S. Lewis

We believe in transparency in whatever we do. We do realistic commitments and keep our customers in constant loop for all the proceedings. When you engage with CodeEpsilon we encourage transparency as we believe that energies should be spent to getting things right rather than hiding the things that have gone wrong and so do our customers and our team.

Unity is strength... when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.

- Mattie Stepanek

Collaboration is the practice of bringing together the individuals and their strengths for a common purpose to achieve goals. We at CodeEpsilon create an environment with our customers also part of it. This in turns brings out the best of the complete engagement and gives everyone, including our customers, the fell of being part of the complete development process. This helps us maximize the success.

When you show deep empathy toward others, their defensive energy goes down, and positive energy replaces it. That's when you can get more creative in solving problems.

- Stephen Covey

Empathy is when you try and understand the situation of the other person and try to take control of the whole situation in a way that it brings out the best. We at CodeEpsilon try to create an environment where both end of the business spectrum - Team and Customers - are engaged and their individual challenges are addressed in a cohesive way. This facilitates them to work in accordance to each other and create a win-win situation for the overall business.

A lack of transparency results in distrust and a deep sense of insecurity.

- Dalai Lama

Any Collaboration works on the basis of trust and mutual understanding. An environment of insecurity cannot lead to the development and creation of masterpieces. We at CodeEpsilon believe that our processes, our commitments, our efforts, our results, our failures, our successes all should be transparent and accessible. This on the one had creates a sense of security in our customers but also helps us concentrate on the core task. We want our customers to feel secured and safe with us for their ideas, concepts, results and business.