Cross Platform Mobile App Development

Innovative, customer focused, forward-thinking cross platform mobile apps for an enriched mobile experience and enhanced user engagement triggering business growth.
CodeEpsilon uses Flutter from scratch to build smart mobile apps. We strongly recommend developing applications on top of Flutter because the framework provides a treasure trove of programming tools and libraries to help our developers unleash the full potential of Flutter custom development.
We saw the tremendous advantages it had over other cross-platform technologies and quickly adopted it. Since then, we’ve been developing the expressive and engaging Flutter app to help clients increase sales

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Flutter App Development Services

Flutter App Consulting

Not sure if Flutter is a good fit for your next product or idea? Our experienced Flutter consultants and app developers will help you choose the right tactics and roadmap. We will enable you take a conscious decision based on factors like your app requirements, budget and time to market.

Custom Flutter App Development

With our dedicated Flutter app development service, we create functional and feature-rich Flutter apps to help our customers streamline their business operations with ease. These apps function as true, native apps on both Apple and Android device despite single code base.

Migration Or Update

Whether you’re migrating to/from Flutter or want to update your existing Flutter app to the latest version, we’re here to help. Depending on your business needs, our superior and flexible migration and upgrade services keep your app up-to-date for users.

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What all we can do for you!

Flutter App Development Services We Provide In Our Flutter App Development Company

Flutter For Web Development
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Build web applications fast and hassle-free with our Flutter web development services. Our talented experts work 24/7 to create beautiful, responsive, and graphic-rich Flutter apps that deliver a great user experience.
Dart Application Development
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With our Dart app development service, you can easily move apps from your existing technology stack to Flutter. Our experienced and highly qualified team of dart developers ensures high-quality development.
Flutter For Desktop
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Our Flutter application development company will help you reach more customers with intelligent Flutter desktop applications that run on different operating systems from a single codebase. This eliminates the need to develop separate applications for desktop users and provides a wider reach with less effort and money.
Support And Maintenance
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At Code Epsilon, a Flutter app development company in India, our mobile app development work doesn't end with mobile app deployment. We provide ongoing support and maintenance services for our Flutter applications even after deployment to ensure excellent performance and no downtime.

Latest Projects

Our Strengths As A Flutter App Development Company

We, a Flutter app development company, have a team of experienced Flutter developers, as well as cross-platform app testing and QA specialists who work 24/7 to build top-notch Flutter apps for multiple platform builds. They have extensive knowledge of the Dart programming language and Flutter architecture to provide highly customized application development solutions that help our clients streamline their business processes with ease.

A Quick Glance Into Our Cross-Platform App Portfolio

Mobile Apps developed for various streams – Apps for business, social media, logistics, education, E-commerce and many more. We have served them all.




Location Booking App


Water Inspection App


Field Services Reporting App

Latest Projects

Why Choose CodeEpsilon For Cross-Platform Application Development?

With years of experience, we provide high-quality, stable, scalable, and interactive mobile apps that work seamlessly across multiple platforms and devices. As a popular cross-platform app development company, we care about providing highly customized solutions that offer a rich user experience.
Our best cross-platform apps are built on some of the industry’s most popular tools and frameworks, such as Flutter, ReactNative, and more. We specialize in developing apps with Flutter, a leading market player in the cross-platform niche. The Java-like programming language follows strict input and integrates many modern approaches, making it ideal for developing responsive applications for web, mobile, and server platforms. Our development team is proficient in Flutter, which allows them to build complex applications without sacrificing performance and start-up times.
We conduct a series of workshops before we start development. This allows us to better understand the purpose of the app and what customers expect from it. Only then will our team of experienced designers and programmers begin the process.

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