CodeEpsilon has worked with customers located across the globe and are going places to serve newer ones. We already have served customers in Europe, US, Canada and Middle East. Our team is experienced to work with different cultures and backgrounds. Effective communication and understanding of the cultural background plays a critical role towards the success of any engagement or project.

We use our experience and exposure with international audience to understand their requirements, facilitate with the best practical solution and deliver the best results. More than 60% of our Consulting and Project Management group experience has been onsite at client locations, which gives us an immense understanding of our customer’s cultures and expectations.

CodeEpsilon works as your Tax Free, No Liability extended Team, giving you the much needed Cost Advantage, with flexibility of time and team composition.

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This gives us the necessary foundation to accustom our processes to better suit their needs and achieve the desired results. One of the major difference while working with global partners is time variation. In specific cases, based on the needs, CodeEpsilon also offers specific arrangements to get the development team work in alternative time zones which is conducive for all. This usually happens when there are teams working on both the ends in a closed environment requiring a very close interaction for greater success.

The second prime aspect is that of Collaboration and Exchange of information. We facilitate the whole working process by usage of collaborative and versioning tools which makes the interaction, merger and exchange of information extremely effective.

The third most critical aspect is of Reporting and Monitoring. Although the customer is not locally placed still we facilitate the complete transparency with proper reporting process. We use online tools to report the effort consumption and completion status in accordance to development status, to keep the customer completely and transparently aware of the status at any point of time.

Thus for our customers we work as their Tax Free, No Liability Software Development Team, giving them the much needed Cost Advantage, with flexibility of time, complete status review and control on development and the confidence of possession of their information and data. What we get in return is their immense confidence and long term relationship.