Revolutionizing the Phase of Information & Media through Feature-rich Solutions

As a media & information app development company, CodeEpsilon believes in the power of technology to create unique bespoke software solutions targeted at improving media operations' performance, opening new channels, customizing data with sophisticated analytics, reinventing user experience, and enhancing audience engagement.

Benefits of Software Development for Information & Media Industry

  • Boost your digital assets’ profitability
  • Skyrocket campaign conversion
  • Monetize entertainment solutions
  • Engage your audience to boost retention rate
  • Track viewer analytics and data to transform your business
  • Security and Protection of Content
  • Multichannel and Omnichannel Content Distribution
  • Engagement Monitoring and Analytics

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News & Media Applications

Information & Media App Services


AI based Frameworks

At CodeEpsilon, a variety of fundamental AI frameworks are used to curate an intelligent and user-friendly interface.


Central real-time Visibility

To get real-time visibility, we assist you in establishing accountability and transparency for the precise operating conditions of each feature and each parameter.


Customized Dashboards

Using the most recent technology, create a unique dashboard that you can customize to keep an eye on the more than 100 pre-built reports that support the technical platform.


AI backed Report & Analysis

Our deep analysis will enable you to acquire AI frameworks like NIRF, NAAC, NBA, and others for continuous and reliable operation.


Mapping of Performance

Our team of experts will examine the operational compatibility of the various parameters involved in a particular feature for visualization performance.


Continuous Assessment of Performance

In addition to performance mapping, a routine and repeated check-assessment of performance keeps the features up to date and free of errors.

Platforms for Information & Media App

People can take advantage of the most recent technological advancements with the help of cutting-edge mobile app trends like AI and IoT. The media and information sector has been significantly impacted by mobile apps. A plethora of devices makes it convenient to the user to get a seamless experience across devices but also makes the development more intricate.

For many years, CodeEpsilon has provided high-quality mobile app development services. We offer high-caliber services and assist you in launching an app that works wonders for you. Information and Media apps are high data intensive systems that involve interaction of high volume of data. Our Content Delivery experts take into account these performance constraints and also give add-on focus on security to make sure that you app not only provides information but does it securely and efficiently.

Information and Media Web Systems can be hosted on Cloud or can be made available on Local Intranet. Irrespective of the same the information management and information distribution needs to be focused and effective with least delay and most accuracy. Accuracy with Speed and Security is heart of any Information and News System.

CodeEpsilon transforms technology in the media and Information industry with digital solutions that catalyses audience engagement, live streaming management, online talent management, custom advertisement platforms and more. Our full-cycle media and Information Web app development solutions bring the power of performance with advanced analytics, great UX, content creation to omni-channel distribution. Be it a cloud-based implementation or Local Intranet, what user feels is a seamless Information channel serving well to its expectations. Our web applications make sure that the information curation and distribution along with the it security, workflows endpoints and availability are all taken care of as per the best industry practices.