Software quality assurance (SQA) is the process of keeping an eye on all software engineering activities, procedures, and methods used in a project to make sure the software is of the appropriate caliber and complies with the established standards. You will experience an accountable path to a compatible, fully-functional, and problem-free mobile app QA with CodeEpsilon.

Quality Assurance and Testing Services

Functional Testing

Functional Testing is the most crucial one that keeps the software functionally tightened, usable and stable. It is done meticulously all across the software development cycle, at various levels and check points in Rolling Wave Model. CodeEpsilon offers umbrella of Functional Testing Services including: Unit Testing, Integration Testing, System Testing & User Acceptance Testing. We have qualified team of experienced Quality Assurance Engineers who understand the meaning of Quality.

Performance Testing

We help companies to deliver a comprehensive and affordable performance testing services - planning, scripting, executing and reporting. Our performance engineers help to do load & stress testing for complex systems to resolve risks before they appear. We ensure that your application handle the heavy traffic surge without a dip in performance and is truly product ready before going to market.

Cyber Security Testing

We leverage the power of the best cybersecurity testing tools and deliver top-notch services. We help customers build systems with in-depth security assessment preventing any possible security breaches ahead of time. Our dedicated team of Security Test Engineers conduct effecting cyber security risk assessment and conduct robust security measures implemented around information security.

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App QA Testing Strategies

Manual Testing

Our quality assurance team examines the application software's validation from every angle to make sure all its component parts are functioning properly and delivering the desired results. We provide end to end manual testing services per your needs with matured test processes, in-house accelerators, and experience.

Automation Testing

We offer full range of test automation services helping enterprises optimize testing time and costs increasing their ROI. We follow a workflow and process to start test automation for your product from scratch to end reducing time and effort to offer enterprise-grade and scalable infrastructure for various devices.

Security Testing

Security testing services at CodeEpsilon uncovers all the vulnerabilities in the applications, ensuring that the risks of the applications are minimized, and benchmarks your software code for increased quality assurance. We ensure cyber-safety, leading to robust brand image and client retention across different industry verticals and enterprises.

Network Testing

CodeEpsilon offers network penetration services be it development of product solution or testing of the interfaces, network elements and protocols. Our expertise can be used to architect, design, develop product components that cater to Core Network testing.

Stress Testing

Our testing experts help you to define and implement stress testing strategies that support their objectives. Our testing experience enables us to understand each client’s specific testing requirements and provide them with services that are customized to their needs.

Accessibility Testing

Digital Platforms have now reached a big chunk of differently-abled population that have specific needs. We at CodeEpsilon provide Accessibility Testing Service, ensure that the software products implement the Recommended Practices for Accessibility enabling uniform accessibility needs.

Quality Assurance Best Practices & Methodologies

What matters is how effectively and transparently you accomplish Quality Assurance Testing process through the enlisted diligent methodologies & practices best for your QA Testing

  • Land a Standard Test and Acceptance Criteria
  • Formulate budgets with QA Estimates
  • Involve QA throughout development lifecycle as a continuous process
  • Prepare Test Cases prior to each development cycle.
  • Conduct iterative & integrated tests periodically based on test cases.
  • Never ignore Negative Testing as this is the first thing the end users will do.
  • Include usability, accessibility and global standards adherence as part of periodic QA test cycles.
  • Indulge as much as possible tools and technology based automated testing.
  • Involve End Users into testing as soon as possible to avoid last minute rejections.
  • Avoid rolling and evolving test or acceptance criteria.

At the end, the quality of the application purely depends upon the assured testaments performed. The tests documents and test results should be prepared and maintained by a dedicated QA team and not the programmers themselves. It is very important for the sanity and validity of QA process and results.

Importance of Mobile App Quality Assurance

The purpose of Quality Assurance in app development is to make sure that bugs, mistakes, and potential risks of your app are addressed at an early stage of the development process.

Unlike computers or laptops, each feature has its own specific domain to endure particular tasks. In order to ensure, specific tests must be performed for an optimized performance of the mobile app features as one entity.

Before beginning with the implementations, mapping out a plan is necessary for the utilization of hardware as well as software tools.

Multiple hardware elements like display, extensions, profile of colours and body varies with their sizes.

This enables the developers to develop and curate the application through the mobile testing tools for scaling the compatibility to a wider range of mobile devices.

Additionally, selection of the top-notch QA testing process cuts the overall budget of the project substantially. The reason being, a better-quality assurance program will require lower maintenance cost throughout the project, which ultimately befits the reduced estimated costs. The cost reduction factor must be kept in mind when detecting & resolving issues simultaneously.

Quality Assurance & Testing @CodeEpsilon

Quality Assurance is a de-facto practice @CodeEpsilon for chiseling a revamped path to robust mobile/web/cloud application through our bug-free and refined testing techniques. With us you will witness an accountable journey to fully-functional, compatible mobile/web/cloud app QA devoid of any issues.

We have a qualified in-house process which enables the Tech teams and the QA teams work hand-in-hand to produce a system that deliverers overall customer satisfaction in terms of Enriched UI, Intuitive Usability, Uniform Accessibility and High Level of quality that match global standards.