Technology Expertise

CodeEpsilon is an IT Solution providing Technology Company. Our team of experienced professionals are always up to new challenges and are always on the learning path to keep themselves updated with the latest trends in technical advancements. They also bring in technical knowledge which adds up to their expertise level and delivery capabilities. We have skills team to work on various aspects of software or application. We provide high quality solutions in various technology platforms including the following:

  • Cloud Solutions
  • Mobility Applications
  • Microsoft Platform
  • Open Source Platform
  • Content Management Systems
  • Front-end UI Frameworks
  • UI/UX Responsive Designing
  • Content Writing
  • Digital Marketing

Tools Stack

At CodeEpsilon we practice effective usage of process and tools for increased efficiency and through put. The effective implementation of process and usage of supporting tools enables us to achieve high level of quality with controlled efforts and makes the whole execution process person independent. We have been using various tools for various objectives:

  • Portraying Concepts and Ideas.
  • Conversion of ideas into non-functional prototypes / wireframes.
  • Project / Product Planning.
  • Managing, Monitoring and Controlling the execution and delivery.
  • Tracking customer feedback.
  • Effective Collaboration within Teams, even geographically apart.
  • Continues Integration between Teams.
  • Effective deployment.
  • Version Control.
  • Code and document backups.
  • Seamless interaction and co-ordination.