Over the years, based on our experience, we at CodeEpsilon have realized that one of the key ingredients towards a healthy and long relationship and customer satisfaction is your COMFORT. The comfort comes with CONFIDENCE that you as customer have on us. And CONFIDENCE comes when our customer know the fact that we at CodeEpsilon work with full OWNERSHIP and DEDICATION. They also know that there are added advantages that CodeEpsilon brings to the overall engagement and relationships which adds to the overall value chain between THEM and US.

Neither ahead of you, nor behind you; We are there along with you.

Most relationships and engagements have its own ups and downs. Over the years we have learned how to manage them and keep VALUE intact within all our relationships. We have learnt and understood how to work through the complex issues. With our experience we have developed processes and practices which help us make our relationships with our customers STRONG, EFFECTIVE and LONG LASTING. Relationships are tested during difficult times and we have a team that understands that and works accordingly.

Personal service is about making the customer feel like they’re doing business with a human, not a company.

“Personal service” is the “synergy” of the customer support world. Each of our customer is an individual who is unique in itself. Unique in terms of their personality, behavior, requirements and expectations. We at CodeEpsilon understand this fact and we give each of our customer a personalized touch with them and their requirements for which they come to us. We always depute a personal POC for you and your engagement. This makes sure that you are always important and enjoy the same relationship and priority all due the period of the engagement. This personal interaction and behavior helps us give our relationship a long life. We believe that it can be the difference between a customer forgetting about us the minute their transaction is over, and that same person returning to become a loyal customer for life.

Come Engage with CodeEpsilon and feel the difference.

We offer various engagement models that suits different type of customers and enterprise. These models have evolved over time to create and add more value to long-lasting and fruitful partnerships. We offer generalized and custom Engagement Models that are suitable to every needs and can be a boon for Startups, Small and Big Enterprise. We help you decide and select a proper engagement model which ensures that your tactical and strategic plans are taken care of and the models help you set up a solid foundation for further innovation. It is also not necessary for you to pick up the defined and used models. There can always be a custom model built that best suits your needs.

Outsourcing for YOU should not mean working in odd hours.

We understand that as an extended team working for you, there are certain times or projects or engagements where you will need us to be present with you. The work and the team needs to interact and act with you on constant basis. In short you would like to have an offshore team that is available as your local team. Absolutely no problem with this, as we offer adaptive work shifts wherein the team can be engaged and formulated who can work in your geographical time and be available as your local team. This gives you the flexibility, comfort and assurance of things being under your control and helps you manage the show the way you want it to be.

Provisioning best infrastructure results in workforce accuracy and efficiency enhancing delivery quality.

To cater to the Global Outsourcing needs where time and precision is the biggest constraint and key driving force, provisioning the best possible infrastructure to the team becomes a benchmark. We at CodeEpsilon are in conformance to this fact and make sure that the infrastructure facilities at our development center is the latest and the greatest. Our center is equipped with modern IT infrastructure and state-of-the-art facilities able to meet any aggressive development needs.

Proper usage of process and methodologies helps in our Constant Improvement.

We at CodeEpsilon have custom tailored the processes and formulations that result into efficient working environment. The 'First Time Right' is the key that we follow to make sure that the work is not only done but is done efficiently. We have defined checkpoints and proven processes that help us achieve the same. We might not be FAST enough but still WIN the race but cutting short REWORK, which is by and large the hardest efficiency killer. Our trained staff, our knowledge of various execution methodologies like Agile/Scrum/Kanban, expertise in various technology verticals and efficient use of tools available, helps us achieve the precision and quality that helps our customers gain advantage over their competitors.

A Cohesive Ecosystem generates energies that enhance everyone's capabilities.

For us at CodeEpsilon our team and the culture is as important as our customers. Any successful delivery and engagement is created when there is an ecosystem which enables the efficiencies to come out of the individuals. What is needed is a competitive environment and system openness what hastens and guarantees progress on constant basis. We take upmost care of the environment and provide first class facilities to our team enabling them to be at their creative and functional best. We organize team building events to create the strong bond and give the skilled brains the positive energy needed to be more productive. Building positive open relationships, regular communication and feedback, timely recognition, cooperation, involvement, challenging work along with continuous learning and hygiene and infrastructure being some of the key factors in maintaining an overall healthy cohesive Ecosystem. Our customers can be rest assured that they are working with a team who is always prepared and geared up to give the best.

Convert your customer’s challenges into business opportunities for you.

We have extensive years of experience in IT Consulting - both technical and functional. We are well versed with various Business Domains, Industry verticals and Technology Stacks. All this knowledge gives us the capability to provide the best Consulting Service. We don't run a YES MAN show. We are here to advice and consult you so that you can achieve the best solution in the best price and quickest time. Transform an idea into a product. Business process Consultation. Design and IT solution Architecture Consulting. ODC setup Consulting. Market and Business Strategy Consulting.

Your flexible, highly skilled, tax free extended Workforce without any additional operational or administrative load.

When you are in the field of developing and managing the business solutions for either yourself or your customers, you are constantly challenged with the need of full time or additional development capabilities. On many such occasions you either end up looking for temporary extension of your workforce to take on that business and serve the customer OR need a development partner who can convert your ideas and business concept into a technical system or need an extension in terms of enhancing your Technical Capabilities. CodeEpsilon offers you the flexibility of increasing your workforce at a very affordable price. We have a team of qualified workforce available for you anytime as per your need.

We are satisfied and happy to have YOU as our customers and serve your customers on your behalf.

CodeEpsilon can be your White Labeled Solution Partner. While being a white label solution provider, we can offer our services to you directly and also, through you, to your customers as your extended team. We offer you a very competitive and highly qualitative proposition, in terms of turnaround time to develop and deliver technical solutions you or your customers want or in the prices we charge. Our teams of consultants and engineers are extremely skilled and proficient, having extensive experience in the specific technical field that they are working in. As White Labeled Solution Providers, our presence marks your presence, our strength becomes yours, our work symbolizes your work and our success is definitely your success. On the other hand, as CodeEpsilon customer your goals become our goals and your success denotes ours. The Best Part is that your customers still remain your customers.