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A Knowledge Delivery System with a BRAIN of itself. ED-UP-ME is an Intelligent-Interactive-Innovative Knowledge Delivery Framework with the capability of delivering content based on student’s Level and Pace.

Project Background and Goals

The mission of this ‘EdTech’ Startup is to develop a Knowledge System with a BRAIN of its own. Sounds Interesting!
The goal for the product was to create a new Learning Platform, from scratch, that gives its users a better and more personalized way to undergo education courses at their own pace while still elevating their performance and outcome. The biggest challenge with the present LMS was that they run the same course for all the users, despite the difference between their present understanding and the pace at which they can pick up the new concepts.
Ed-Up-Me is intended to bridge that gap using an Intelligent-Interactive-Innovative Knowledge Delivery Framework with the capability of delivering content based on every student’s Level and Pace.

Key Expectations

The success of the system, to be developed, was based on the proper and accurate conversion of some key underlying structures into a Digital System. The acceptance and thus the success of the whole product is based on the effectiveness of these success factors-

The Requirements

The requirements were focused on a scalable Artificial Intelligence-based Content Delivery Platform that uses its intricate algorithms to smartly deliver the same content to various users packaged specifically to their needs and performance. It was to support a feature set that was intuitive and easy to use for students of various ages, from different streams, and different language backgrounds.

Project Challenges

The project presented challenges that were managed with effective collaboration and strategic planning and a commitment to our iteration-based development process.
Key Technical-Functional Challenges
System Design and Architecture Challenges

Our Approach

We got involved at an early i.e., at the conceptualization and design stage of the product. Our Product Development Consulting Team was engaged to design the complete product development cycle starting from design to implementation to the go-to-market stage.

We provided a multi-phased iterative approach that supported continuous deliveries, ensured a successful launch, and provided ongoing support.

Key activities performed to take the idea from concept to delivery-

Strategic Planning Workshops

Research & Development

Monetization Strategy Consulting

Cloud Infrastructure Costing and Projections

UI/UX Design and Prototyping

Iterative Development

CI/CD pipeline formulation

Continuous Testing and Delivery

MVP followed with Phased releases

Beta Release and Product Launch

Ongoing Support / SLA

Cost Optimizations and performance Enhancements

The Result

‘EdUpMe’ came out as the world’s #1 state-of-art framework for adaptive training/knowledge delivery. It is the R-R-R platform providing the Right Content at the Right Time to the Right User.
It provides an idle platform for both Content Givers and Content Takers. The content creator creates the content once and the system makes sure that the content to the taken adaptive to its behaviour, response, and adaptability. This enables a high level of participation and acceptance of the content by the taker as each one gets a personalized feeling.
The system provides multifold advantages to the organizations enrolling for the program –
The system is equally advantageous for the Individuals –

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