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Aligning Modern Healthcare Solutions With Advanced Medical Industry

Digital technologies are significantly improving patient care, streamlining operations, and reducing costs in the healthcare sector.
They are also accelerating the development of ground-breaking new treatments that can be monitored and managed via cloud, mobile, and IoT.
To improve the workflow, CodeEpsilon will assist you in implementing successful and cost-effective healthcare solutions.

Provide Better Healthcare To The Patients Using Advance Software Services

Provide Better Healthcare To The Patients Using Advance Software Services

Know how a Healthcare Software improves Health Care Services?

Healthcare Applications

  • EHR System

    Interoperable Electronic Health Record System

    Our patient-centered, integrated, and interoperable EHR platform covers the full spectrum of care.

    The clinical system that a healthcare provider uses to coordinate patient care and promote clinical effectiveness is called an electronic health record (EHR). By incorporating technology to lessen administrative work and enhance clinician experience.

    CodeEpsilon Marketplace can assist organizations in innovating on their current EHR system. These solutions can give healthcare professionals the knowledge and resources they need to enhance patient outcomes while maintaining a secure environment that protects patient data privacy.

    Several persistent solutions have been included to augment the architectural efficiency of the EMR system.

    Interoperable Electronic Health Record System
  • Medical Consent Recorder

    Digitally collect and maintain patient concent

    A Desktop App for digitally obtaining medical consent from patients and healthcare professionals. In the medical field, getting patients' informed consents before treatment and explaining the benefits, risks, and side effects is a requirement. CodeEpsilon was asked to create an iOS and Android mobile app just for doctors to track their patients' consents and activities while they are in the hospital. For the information to be filled out and printed, this application includes predefined templates. In addition to fixing the issues, our developers added useful features like anti-theft security, a user-friendly interface, a simple deployment method, and more.
    Digitally collect and maintain patient concent
  • EMR Mobile App

    HIPPA Compliant EMR System

    Information sharing between doctors and the healthcare system using a mobile app on a smartphone.

    DocTalk app uses a secure web-portal to exchange and update all information, including hospital census, operation-specifications, patient follow-up data, outstanding bill, and more. This includes providing information as well as storing vital patient data.

    For better UX, richer usability, future enhancement, and simple data import, this mobile app is supported by the ReactNative technology platform.

    CodeEpsilon also used additional technical tools to improve performance even under heavy load. supported by reliable data synchronization, strong data security, and data compatibility across multiple OS.

    HIPPA Compliant EMR System

    Full-Fledged Healthcare Software Development Services

    Healthcare Mobile App

    Due to simplified appointment scheduling, patient examination, and treatment, mobile healthcare apps save both patients and doctors time while also enhancing the quality of care. CodeEpsilon is an IT business that provides medical mobile app development services with a team of healthcare software developers.

    Healthcare Web Development

    All healthcare providers must have a strong online presence in the modern era. With CodeEpsilon, you get a committed group of talented web experts with a focus on medical websites. They are the best of the best, and they keep striving to make your vision a reality.

    Healthcare Software Development

    Improve patient outcomes, provide remote care, and automate medical operations by implementing our custom healthcare software development services. Our developers have expertise in creating complex medical software or enhance the functionality of already existing healthcare software.

    App Solutions For Wearable

    We help companies design remote patient monitoring software that is synchronized with health-tracking, wearables, sensors, and medical equipment.

    IoMT Apps

    CodeEpsilon helps healthcare and pharmaceutical organizations in harnessing the potential of IoMT to improve patient experience and medical services. We provide digital solutions to help create a safe and accessible healthcare environment.

    Healthcare MVP Development

    We are an end-to-end MVP development company that balances a market competitive edge with an innovative and analytical approach to help the healthcare project grow.

    A Dependable Healthcare Software Development Company

    CodeEpsilon has experience working for various Healthcare bodies across the globe for their software-based needs, starting from Healthcare Web Systems to Healthcare apps or tools or API system which cane be used by various other providers for formulating their systems in conjunction with high level of security, availability and compliance. We are a dependable healthcare Software Development Company.

    Multiple Ways Software Can Improve Healthcare Staff And Patients Experience

    Apart from delivering end-to-end services, we offer the necessary software-based solutions that effect the healthcare industry in one way or the other.
    Checkout some other applications of IT services within healthcare industry.

    Appointment Scheduling App

    There are multiple points where a patient needs to meet the healthcare staff. It could be medical consultations, post procedure care visits, operative procedures or general or general checkups. Appointment Scheduling app makes sure that the appointments are recorded and respective reminders are set for both patient and medical staff, reducing any gaps or miss outs. The app also facilitates auto rescheduling in case the patient or healthcare staff is not able to attend the pre-scheduled meeting.
    The app intuitively being efficiency in overall process by doing the administrative part of the healthcare system.
    Medical Billing is just not limited to paying the doctor for the visit in case. It also involves the monetary part when there are extended long treatments, involves medical loans and medical insurances. With most of the economies now moving towards no-cash finance structure even paying a doctor is not that straight any longer.
    Medical billing software comes as a very handy and go-to tool for the management of finances. Be it independent doctor or finance department of big healthcare institute, they all rely on the Billing Software which in turns talks to the EHR systems for its working.

    Medical Billing Software

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