Open-Source Web App Development

Help Businesses take Digital Advantage by Cloud deployed intuitive, responsive, secure, and high-performing customized web products developed using emerging Open-Source Web technologies.
CodeEpsilon creates progressive web apps that are responsive, intuitive, and highly scalable. We help you develop custom web applications designed to meet your business demands.

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Open-Source Web App Development Solutions

Business Oriented Solutions

Leveraging business-driven strategies and innovative stack of technical tools, our team works to portray the finest web app solutions to help businesses scale to higher profit margin. Our methodologies induce an extensive approach towards binding web apps to business.

Building Modern Web Apps

Breaking down a complex process into a ladder of uncomplicated steps helps in achieving the desired result within the time duration. Our team focusses over strengthening pivotal features, exhibiting swift experiences, and upgrading the strategy as per the requirements.

Application Migration

With the perfect blend of animation, graph to rise up a level in terms of performance, processor and upgradation, the company’s often prefer to turn the existing mobile app into a responsive web app. Ample of crucial features comes in handy with this progressive change of system.

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One Stop Offerings In Open-Source App Development

Requirement Gathering
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Gather the conceptual idea, conduct research and collect the essential tools for laying out a robust solution. Our team of Subject Matter Experts will conduct thorough study of the business requirement which will form the foundation of a robust Web Solution.
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Wireframe or Prototype is the blueprint of the proposed Web App. It provides a validated form of the envisioned system providing a common platform for the development team and the business owner to agree on much before the development is kicked-off.
Design & Development
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The app is run under various environmental conditions with the trace of final design. Here, the web app is developed and prepared for the launch. Our web designers understand how to create an appealing, user-friendly design for web apps that bring actual business outcomes in terms of greater consumer engagement and loyalty.
Deployment & Maintenance
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At last, the web app is fully-functional and optimized with a number of APIs, incorporating salient features for high performance. This is further deployed and offered with perpetual maintenance. We have exclusive Maintenance plans to suit every need.
Quality Assurance
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Our development strategy includes a stringent quality assurance and testing approach that addresses everything from compatibility concerns to user engagement. Our test strategies take care of functional and non-functional quality needs of the Web App.
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Data security is the top priority when developing web apps. Our web developers stay up to date on the latest web technologies, producing high-quality code with no flaws.

Custom Web App/Web Portal Solutions

Often, general web solutions may not meet unique business needs. Then custom web development becomes essential for optimal results. At CodeEpsilon, we help you build custom web applications for your specific business needs. Moreover, we even deliver contextual UX/UI for better user experience. We choose the right architecture for best performance, and write custom code to integrate your complex and unique business logic into high-end web applications.
PHP Development

In the world of frameworks, there are Enterprises that are still using classical PHP as development platform. PHP is also used for creating Secure Application Programming Interface (API) for establishing interaction between 2 end points. Apart from being stable and advanced, it also supports other web technologies like ZEND Framework, Drupal, WordPress, Magento and many others. Our team uses the PHP framework to create Web Systems that are fast, secure, optimized for concurrent requests and scalable.

ZEND Development

Considered to be one of the best PHP based frameworks, ZEND's attributes make development rapid even for the most complex enterprise applications.

CodeEpsilon is the Web Development Company that offers Zend Development Services. Our team of Zend Developers and Zend Architects architect and design applications that provide your business the edge it needs.

Laravel Development

Laravel PHP-based Object-Oriented framework which supports rapid development.

CodeEpsilon is the Web Development Company that offers class leading Laravel Development Services.

CodeIgniter Development

'The small framework with powerful features' - CodeIgniter is an Object-Oriented Open-Source development platform with extremely small footprint.

CodeEpsilon is the Web Development Company that offers CodeIgniter Development Services.

MEAN Stack Development

MEAN Stack is an Open-Source framework with combination of four frameworks - MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS and NodeJS that gives many advantages over the usual LAMP based systems. The development using MEAN stack is extremely fast.

CodeEpsilon's team of the MEAN stack architects and developers makes sure that the applications harness the full potential and benefits of MEAN Stack.

What all we can do for you!

Give Your Business An Online Face With Our Content Management And E-Comm Solutions

E-Commerce Solutions

We create e-commerce solutions for B2C, B2B business models and marketplaces. We can seamlessly integrate ecommerce components into your existing web application or launch a new ecommerce presence.
Our thorough experience in developing E-Commerce Solution gives your business up to 3X conversions. From Startups to Enterprises, E-Commerce solution is an intricate part of business success.

Content Management Solutions​

We create Content Management Solutions for effective representation of your business online. We provide Content Management Systems which you can manage on your own.
Our Solutions are robust, scalable, secure, responsive provide enticing user experience resulting into your business getting more visibility and more user engagement.

A Quick Glance Into Our Open-Source Portfolio

Mobile Apps developed for various streams – Apps for business, social media, logistics, education, E-commerce and many more. We have served them all.


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Why Hire CodeEpsilon As Your Web Development Partner?

Our motto is your success. Today’s web applications need to provide a high-end user experience. In the era of fast SPA and PWA, there is no place for slow loading and latency. The richer and faster your application is, the greater your advantage in this competitive market. And as an experienced web design company, CodeEpsilon provides custom website development services that enhance your web solutions. We are a team of professional developers and designers who use Agile and Scrum to create growth-oriented web applications. Our strengths in web development include the development of SPAs, PWAs, enterprise portals, ecommerce portals, custom web applications, rich websites, web tools and SaaS solutions that meet the needs of your end users and business. Statistically we have delivered over 75 projects to over 28 clients from 6 different countries in the last 8+ years and counting!

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