Cloud And DevOps Consulting

Cutting-edge cloud-native solutions and streamlined DevOps practices for increased efficiency, scalability, and smooth-seamless deployment of applications.

Accelerate your Software Development Uptime, Agility, and Efficiently Automate with Our Cloud and DevOps Services.

Our Cloud & DevOps consulting services help organizations to align their business goals as they adopt cloud computing technologies and implement DevOps practices. By working with our experienced engineers, your organization can adopt a DevOps strategy that will allow you to stay in control, save money, and thrive digitally.
CodeEpsilon offers leading DevOps services such as DevOps assessment, infrastructure management, CI/CD development & more with the help of our certified experts. We even work across multiple cloud platforms including AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) for any business that needs cloud enablement, cloud migration services, and cloud strategy.

Streamline Your DevOps With Our DevOps Consulting Services

CodeEpsilon has unmatched technical skills in Cloud and DevOps enabling, the migration of complex applications and overcoming tough infrastructure challenges. We offer DevOps solutions that speed up the software development process when you combine them with cloud services like Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, and even our cloud consulting services.
with over a decade of experience delivering best-in-class Azure and AWS DevOps services, CodeEpsilon has the potential to identify risks at every stage and quickly implement robust security measures.

Advisory Services


Building IT Environment

Support And Maintenance

High-End Cloud & DevOps Services

Cloud Monitoring

Proactive monitoring throughout the development cycle to minimize downtime and enable teams to collaborate and optimize resource availability. Our delivery approach is proactive to help monitor infrastructure and predict potential changes & risks using the right tools.


To successfully integrate Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) into the software development process, our DevOps team uses the platform best suited for your unique business model. Whether it be Jenkins/Hudson or any other planning tools. we ensure a bug-free release process.

Cloud Computing Services

Enable cloud application development with the smooth, secure, and fast migration of existing databases, servers, and business applications to the cloud environment. Whether it's a managed cloud service or a cloud-native CI/CD service, we build a sustainable IT ecosystem for your company.

DevOps Cloud Migration

Achieve a smooth transition to the cloud with our cloud migration service. Leverage our strong capabilities in data mobility, data security, and a true DevOps approach to ensure a seamless migration and deployment for your organization.

Cloud Native Development

With the natural evolution of the cloud, we enable your business to expand and manage scalable applications across public, private, and hybrid cloud platforms. With seamless integration and seamless workflows, this service can enhance your business.

Cloud Cost Optimization

Effective utilization of money for the right resources and tools is critical to the survival of every business. We identify and evaluate underutilized or over-provided resources in your cloud infrastructure. Based on this assessment, we design the infrastructure to maximize your return on investment while building a buffer for your future cloud needs.

Infrastructure Management

CodeEpsilon’s Cloud Infrastructure Management Services enable integration of data center resources, application performance, and cloud instances. You can design and deploy new applications without sacrificing speed or scalability.

Continuous Integration

CI is the industry standard for the early detection of problems. Our CI experts use DevOps continuous integration tools like Jenkins, Docker, and Kubernetes for easy problem detection, no last-minute changes, and more.

Efficient DevOps Tools To Transform Your Business

We have efficiently worked on DevOps tools such as Jenkins, Bamboo, GIT, Ansible, Salt Stack, Terraform, Chef, Puppet, Shell Scripting, AWS OpsWorks, Python Scripting, MySQL, MSSQL, MariaDB, MongoDB, and Oracle. Our team even has experience working with Jira, GitLab, GitHub, Kubernetes, Docker, and Amazon ECS enabling us to easily migrate complex applications and overcome tough infrastructure challenges.
Source Control
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Source control tools can help verify changes that occur throughout the project lifecycle. Moreover, we use source control tools such as Bitbucket, CodeCommit, Git, and Gitlab. The effective use of these tools helps identify conflicts and defects and resolve them in time.
Automated Testing
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To ensure DevOps best practices, we use efficient automated testing tools such as Selenium, Appium, TestNg & more. It leverages the company in every step of the software development cycle, ensuring high quality and on-time delivery.
CI/CD Pipeline Management
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We use CI/CD pipeline management tools such as Jenkin, Fastlane, Terraform, and more that help in faster and more accurate delivery.
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We use monitoring tools like Signalfx, Raygun, and more to achieve better focus. This is a great addition to the list of DevOps tools we offer at CodeEpsilon to help you gain valuable insights into your infrastructure.

Why Choose CodeEpsilon?


Continuous And Stable Release

Our most advanced cloud solutions enable continuous, fast, and stable releases with minimal downtime and continuous workflows.


Business-First Approach

We help you build a cloud infrastructure that fits your business goals, timing, and budget. The main goal is to maximize the ROI of your business.


Cost-Effective Solutions

Ready-to-use solutions and integrations save time and money in building the cloud infrastructure that is best suited for your business.



We help you with robust deployments that are flexible, scalable, and secure, enabling business objectives to be met in a changing business environment.


Advanced Recovery Mechanism

Data security with a comprehensive backup system ensures fast data recovery in case of an emergency.


Fast Deployment

Fast deployment is very important. Our teams can respond to customer requests more quickly, solve problems, implement new features, and ultimately implement innovative solutions.