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Information & Media

A Multi-Site and Multi-Lingual Artificial Intelligence based News Publication


A flagship mobile app that brings all flight attendant publications and resources to one centralized location for the purpose of distribution and revenue generation for the startup venture in Arizona.


The App facilitates the communication with its members. It aims to provide endless inspiration and tools which help grow floral businesses.


A new, innovative tool to carry out asset inspections. Effecient & effective inspections using graphics & video, and not text and photos for easier, more informative and fully accountable inspections.


SRMG Verify enables the app users scan SRMG tickets and give the customer the ability to see the shipping status of their expected delivery at any moment in time depending on their location.

Medical & Healthcare

An EHR system allows providers to record their daily activity including hospital, office, dialysis unit and surgery centre charges. It provides your practice an increased efficiency and reduce overall expenses.

Education & Training

A Knowledge Delivery System with a BRAIN of itself. ED-UP-ME is an Intelligent-Interactive-Innovative Knowledge Delivery Framework with the capability of delivering content based on student’s Level and Pace.


A mobile app to keep your loved ones connected with you via your shared videos

Food Beverages

Get Homemade food delivered anywhere in India!


A multistore Ecomm mobile app enabling landscape building via mobile app enhancing user imagination with a virtual design interface at the same time boosting digital marketing initiatives.


You like to do something that you love. What if it is told that you can do what you love to and also get rewarded for doing it. Wonderful! Is’t it. This app is all about this and makes drinkling beer more fun by giving our awards.