Microsoft Web App Development

Help Businesses take Digital Advantage by Cloud deployed intuitive, responsive, secure, and high-performing customized web products developed using emerging Microsoft Web technologies.
Strengthen your business by controlling costs, increasing productivity, fostering innovation, and generating business value through our feature-rich applications using Microsoft technologies.

Microsoft Web App Development Services

Microsoft App Development

CodeEpsilon provides end-to-end development of Web, Mobile and Cloud Apps using Microsoft Technology Platform. It includes Consulting, Designing, Developing, Deploying and Maintaining the apps. We use proven Best Industry Practices, Programming Framework and Development Tools to develop highly robust and scalable apps that empowers the business respond to business challenges quickly and cost-effectively.

Microsoft App Modernization

We offer Microsoft App Modernization & Migration services for various platforms and devices. It includes Technology, Platform, Server, Business Process Upgrades and Legacy System migrations. Our team of experts have sufficient experience is designing and implementing such Enterprise Transformations making the transition smooth and seamless without effecting Business activities.

Microsoft Azure DevOps Services

Our range of Azure Cloud Services include Azure Cloud Strategy and Planning, Cloud Platform Analysis – Saas/Paas/Iaas, Infrastructure Setup and Management, Monitoring and Reporting, Cloud Migration and DevOps Services like Continuous Integration & Deployment, III party Integrations, Analytics, etc. Our Cloud Engineers will help you leverage the advantages of the Azure platform while optimizing Server Costs.

Develop & Offer Extensive Microsoft Application Development.

What all we can do for you!

Microsoft App Development Services For Unparallel Business Growth

Microsoft App Design
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App Design and Usability are the key factors for the app success and acceptance. At CodeEpsilon, we create Wireframes and Prototypes for the early engagement and inputs of the customer. We create visually appealing apps with very intuitive design for increased user engagement.
Microsoft App Optimization
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Apart from functional marvel your app needs to be very usable. We at CodeEpsilon, understand that Performance plays an important role in Customer Engagement and thus our team makes sure that every app developed in-house or external, once brought to us, becomes a high performance and it deployment is load balanced with lower downtime and high availability.
Microsoft App Integration
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Enterprise apps are seldom stand alone. They are a complex network of associated systems interacting constantly for their desired outcome. At CodeEpsilon, we develop integrated systems on Cloud and off Cloud, using latest tools and technologies. We offer seamless integrations with III party systems which are performance oriented, secure and robust.
Microsoft App Testing
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CodeEpsilon deploys a dedicated team of Functional and Non-Functional test Engineers who conduct periodic functional tests to identify any functional bugs. They also conduct code reviews, performance tests to ensure enhanced user experience. We use manual and automated test frameworks like N-Unit to achieve the goal of a bug free, high-performance app.
Microsoft App Support & Maintenance
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No App is once done and done for good. It needs constant Support and Maintenance. We at CodeEpsilon, offer various S&M models suitable to the individual needs. Our custom-tailored models serve individual product owner to Enterprise Business.

What all we can do for you!

Microsoft Web App Technologies For Your Enterprise Solutions


CodeEpsilon helps develop Apps with complex business processes and heavy data using Open Source ASP.NET framework. Apart from interactive web systems, our .NET Engineers can help build various system components like Backend, Razor based dynamic web pages, APIs and microservices.


CodeEpsilon helps develop Robust, Scalable and highly Interactive apps using the ASP.NET MVC architecture. Its salient features include SoC and TDD which enable clear and faster test-oriented development. We craft cutting-edge designs for website and portals be it a small website or a large eCommerce portal.


Our skillful professionals deliver customized .Net web development solutions using versatile, cross-platform, and modern .Net Core framework. We help you accomplish your business goals quickly and efficiently with our array of Microsoft services from the simplest CMS to large social networking or database application.


Build highly responsive, secure, scalable APIs enabling connecting a range of client apps running on diverse platforms like browsers, mobiles, tablets etc. With ASP.NET web API the same backend and database can serve different applications or different platform, providing uniform outcome to the end user across these platforms. CodeEpsilon has the competency and aptitude needed to develop and deploy the WEB APIs.

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CodeEpsilon - A Skillful ASP.NET Development Company

We, at CodeEpsilon have a bunch of awesome development team aim to put forward the most reliable, secured, and scalable solutions. We have been implementing out-of-the-box Microsoft solutions that are mentioned below and our expertise spans across the different industry verticals. We offer a wide range of .Net based services and has proven capabilities to build robust and scalable web and enterprise-based web applications leveraging .Net to its best.
Our .Net Solutions have assisted many enterprises to overcome challenges like ineffective data management, inconsistent performance and agility within the organization.

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