Product Management Services

We assist businesses in developing and scaling product management capabilities to define and accomplish ambitious product goals.

Obsession with Adding Value to Everything

Every stage of the development lifecycle is guided by the product manager, who prioritizes the product and its customers. Time to market is an important KPI for product success. Strategic management is a critical tool for getting to market as quickly as possible with as much value as feasible for a particular time. Product thinking assists businesses in transforming at the crossroads of value, viability, and execution.

Welcome to CodeEpsilon Product Management Services!

Leading organizations are embracing a mini-CEO product manager paradigm with skill sets spanning five competence areas: user experience, competitive strategy, business savvy, technical expertise, and interpersonal skills.
With us, you can reinforce your idea and increase the likelihood of a successful product launch. Our skilled and holistic approach, along with an entrepreneurial spirit, provides you with a trusted partner to assist in developing genuine, functional software.
Product management services refer to the support and guidance an individual or organization provides to help plan, develop, and manage a product throughout its lifecycle. These services can be offered by a product manager or a product management office (PMO) within an organization, or an external consulting firm can provide them.

Our Key Methodologies


Scrum mythology monitors market demands and trends to build competitive analyses for products and features that maximize usability.


Kanban is used for projects that require production support or where the project roadmap still needs to be determined.

Hybrid (Scrum + Kanban)

Hybrid (Scrum+Kanban) is used for projects requiring production support; one part of the team uses Kanban, while the other works with a specified roadmap primarily focused on new features.

A balanced perspective on all product services

Defining Requirements

We prioritize determining the product's features, specifications, and essential requirements subject to meeting the end outcome. Juggle the scope, budget, and time triangle, balancing priorities according to stakeholders' demands and objectives.

Market Research

Market research and analysis is the prior responsibility of our product managers to assemble the required tools and strategies for product solutions.

Training and Development

We provide training and development opportunities for team members to comprehensively learn new technology and trends, which will assist in advancing the process of product management.

Vision for the product

Taking a high-level view of product design and development to help the team comprehend product goals and build an overall vision for product development.

Roadmaps for products

Our product roadmap is a high-level, strategic visual overview explaining the product offering's vision and direction. It serves as both a strategy guide for stakeholders and an execution plan.

Backlog of Products

Managing and displaying the Product Backlog, a prioritized list of requirements for future product development.

Risks are Downsized

One of the Product Manager's responsibilities is to collect input, analyze metrics, and provide value to customers to lower the risk of product failure.

Interaction with Stakeholders

The product owner interacts with stakeholders, customers, business management, and the development team to ensure that the concepts are precise and that the vision aligns with company objectives.

Managing Development Stages

The agile product owner collaborates with stakeholders during the planning stages to identify and organize the steps needed for the next iteration. The Product Owner then meets with their team to fine-tune the process, identify areas for improvement, and provide support for the sprint.

What Sets Our Product Solutions Ahead Of Others?

Product management services can help organizations to bring new products to market more efficiently and effectively and continuously improve and evolve existing products based on customer feedback and market trends. We collaborate with our clients to build and integrate agility into their business models.
Improved efficiency
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Product management helps to coordinate and integrate the efforts of cross-functional teams, reducing duplication of effort and streamlining processes.
Enhanced communication
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Product management promotes effective communication and collaboration among team members and stakeholders, ensuring everyone works towards a common goal.
Better decision-making
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Product management helps to identify and prioritize critical decisions, ensuring that resources are allocated effectively and that the product is aligned with the organization's overall strategy and goals.
Increased accountability
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Product management provides clear roles and responsibilities, enabling team members to be held accountable for their work and helping to prevent delays and setbacks.
Customer fulfillment
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Product management involves conducting market research and customer analysis to ensure that the product meets the needs of the target market, leading to increased customer satisfaction. We monitor market needs and trends to produce competitive analyses for products and features to maximize usefulness.
Product strategy and goals
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Our team creates a vision map, specifies product strategy and long and short-term goals, and modifies the near-term roadmap to meet your needs.
Risks are reduced
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One of our prior responsibilities is to collect input, analyze metrics, and provide value to your business to lower the risk of product failure.
Success is measured
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We know that Metrics are essential for tracking product performance. We consider analytics to keep ahead of competitors and provide value to our current and new customers.
Prioritizing requirements
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We juggle the scope, budget, and time triangle, balancing priorities according to stakeholders' demands and objectives.
Primary contact
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Our Product Owners ensure that all significant choices and strategies are supported by stakeholders, with clear instructions and deliverables for developers.
Management of Change
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It is critical for product success to appropriately add modifications to the Product Backlog; we track them and manage them with minimal impact on the timetable and budget.

Leading Product Management Service Provider

Product management can help organizations plan, develop, and manage products, improving efficiency, increasing customer satisfaction, and enhancing communication. The product manager’s position is quickly expanding due to advancements in software development—the expanding use of data in product decisions, the growth of product development techniques, and the execution glider, with an enhanced role in design.
We assist firms in transforming their product management capabilities by helping develop talent and implement the appropriate product operating model and infrastructure for your product context.

Why Partner With CodeEpsilon?

Working with CodeEpsilon throughout the product lifecycle provides you with a trustworthy partner to assist you in developing well-researched and compelling software. We provide end-to-end product development consulting solutions. Our expert team is present throughout the product development cycle, from verifying your ideas and creating a product management approach to doing all possible to ensure the excellence of your product launch.
Our product team can help you explore target markets, research customer demands, and ensure product-market fit. They are also in charge of developing product roadmaps and ensuring that the process works well during designing a new product or updating an existing one.