About Us

CodeEpsilon is a team of professionals offering a wide range of IT services, including Project Management, IT Consulting, and Software Development. These services are designed to help businesses and startups like yours achieve the goals and succeed in the market.
Our team of Subject Matter Experts, provide experiential knowledge and support as per your Business Domain. By offering a wide range of IT services and using the latest technologies and approaches, we help you gain a competitive edge and an advantageous position in the market.
We are a customer-focused organization. Working closely with you and being responsive to your needs, we deliver value and help you realize your dreams. We aim to be an integral part of your team which enables us to understand your business’s specific needs and goals. As an extended team, we offer a higher level of support and be more closely involved in the decision-making process, ensuring that our solutions and services are tailored to your specific needs and are more likely to be successful.

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CodeEpsilon is a deeply rooted IT consulting and software developing company, soaring out its remarkable services for around a decade. Founded by people with a vision for bringing about change in the technological world. Composed of highly experienced and certified developers, programmers, consultants, and project managers with an authentic yet fresh approach.
Primarily focused on delivering the high-quality services which provide you a quantifiable edge over the market. We are a team of highly motivated professionals passionate about pushing your business to a profitable margin and beyond. With this approach, we as a company, have extended our boundaries by associating with foreign development partners, as white label solution providers.
“CodeEpsilon aims at building a strong network of valuable customers and partners with its customer centric approach.”

Why Work With CodeEpsilon?


CodeEpsilon offers services in consulting, project management, software development, application development, and server management.

Global Network

Collaborating & building relations on moral grounds with valuable clients in the US, Europe, and the Middle East goes a long way for an organization.

Empowering Solutions

Combat all challenges by laying down strategic plans and embedding technical tools .NET, PHP, mobile platforms, and server operating.

Goal Oriented

The core team streamlines the processes by highlighting the steps & providing the finest product outcome.

Client's Requirement

Clients differ across technical and non-technical domains. Providing remarkable services with a blend of innovatively.

Proficient Team

Assembled a group of skillful developers who know the industry from inside-out, and are committed to accomplishing tasks advantageously.

Mission & Vision

“Provide innovative high-quality IT solutions and services to our customers across the globe.”
We have retained our customer(s) over the years by the virtue of strong focus on their needs and by adapting to changing market conditions and business needs. We have strengthening existing delivery models with superior quality, goal-oriented approach, creative thinking, and seamless execution methodology. Our skilled and talented team works with ownership and transparency at each stage delivering solutions that curate into all sectors & cultures of human lives, making it easy & improve the quality by par.

Our Team

With the certified professionals having international market experience, the team at CodeEpsilon rests at an overall experience of over 30 years in the field. From working under various disciplines to acquiring international exposure, the skillful team has been imparting services, delivery solutions, and managing development to major enterprises across the globe. Engineers from all domains have come together with a cumulative experience from 2 to 18 years in the respective arenas, forging a versatile team to provide affordable solutions to the complex business model. Acting as the catalyst to the customer’s business proceedings, the team consists of Business Process Consultants, Project Managers, Technical Architecture and Software Developers.

Neeraj Singhal

CEO, CodeEpsilon

Harin Koshti

CTO, CodeEpsilon

Dedicated and motivated to lay out an extraordinary methodology for the execution of conceptualized ideas. Together, all this brings to you a TEAM that understands your need, is capable of designing the best solution and delivers that solution within a defined budget and time by making the best use of the latest technologies, frameworks, tools, and platforms.

We Are An Expert In This Field

As technology is advancing with each passing day, CodeEpsilon has been evolving and expanding its wings over the staircase of growth. Aligning our ideological approach to our execution, we are persevered to perform at peak efficiency and witness overall growth. Bringing up quality, technology advancements, and optimal efforts by the team, we are eager to undertake new challenges and apply abundant knowledge through recalibrated technological tools.
“On the individual level, being the best is not the ultimate goal, but being better than your later version certainly is”