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Innovative, customer focused, forward-thinking mobile apps for an enriched mobile experience and enhanced user engagement triggering business growth.

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CodeEpsilon serves start-ups, small and medium enterprises and corporations. Our personalized native and cross-platform mobile app development services stimulate their growth. We offer highly-competitive app development services for various industry sectors. Our mobile app development services bring engagement and modernity to the table. With our mobile app development services, sky is the only limit for success.

Mobile App Development Services

Our mobile app developers have more than a decade of experience creating solutions that meet market demands, enable brand identity for businesses, and drive business growth and expansion.

Mobile App Consulting

Our Mobile App Consulting Services help you create mobile app systems capable of providing a great experience to its users. At CodeEpsilon, we professionally design and deliver responsive mobile apps for clients and enterprises to achieve high conversions. We provide Custom Mobile App development services that enhance user experience and gives you an edge over competition.

Mobile App Development

We help you stand out in this digital world by offering Custom Mobile App development services. Our highly skilled team of mobile app developers take a customer centered approach to deliver apps using latest cutting-edge Native Technologies like Swift, Objective-C, Kotlin, Cross Platform like Flutter and even a Hybrid architecture.

Re-Engineering /
Modernization Services

We offer robust and reliable solutions, custom developed for each Enterprise Legacy Transformation. We offer full and partial automated OR complete manual modernizations depending on the system structure and business needs. Whether migrating between platforms and/or technology or giving a complete re-branding or responding to changes in business needs, we will find a solution that fits your goals.

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The Modern Mobile App Development Services Needed to Grow The Business and Conversions

We are a leading custom mobile app development company that offers a wide range of mobile app development services to meet all your business needs
Mobile App Business Analysis
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Our business analysts focus on the needs of your target audience to meet technical requirements and outline the scope of solutions. They also bridge the gap between business stakeholders and the IT team to keep everyone involved informed.
Mobile App Architecture Design
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Mobile app comprises of a frontend app and an equally critical backend system supporting the app. The architecture of this system is thus the skeleton of the system which defines the interaction and correlation between all the components of the app. A well-defined architecture is a blueprint of future success of the app. Our team of System Engineers help you define a robust, scalable and secure architecture which forms the foundation of any successful Mobile App.
Mobile App Feature Rich Designs
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Our team of designers carefully analyze user requirements to understand their needs and reflect these insights in app user interface design that work for multiple devices like mobile, tablets & TVs. After agreeing the look and feel of the mobile app with project stakeholders, we bring it to life.
Mobile App Backend Development
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We understand the role of efficient and feature-rich backends for successful mobile apps - that's why the mobile backends we develop are not only high-performance, but also offer features that facilitate application management. We build custom APIs, develop your business logic, and integrated management tools that give you more control over your mobile apps.
Web App Restful API Development
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We even develop and set up APIs to integrate your mobile app with third-party enterprise systems and services OR internal self-hosted backends. Application integration ensures instant data synchronization between systems is seamless, fast and secure.
Mobile App QoS Service
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QoS is the functional and non-functional quality assessment of complete System. We offer specific services targeted towards the assessment and implementation of quality for performance, reliability, integrity, accessibility, availability, interoperability, and security.
Mobile App Support And Maintenance
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We upgrade your mobile app to keep it efficient, competitive and compatible with all your evolving business needs. Our well-established DevOps process allows us to roll out emergency updates within 1-2 days.

What all we can do for you!

Our Expertise With Wide-Range Of Technologies For Mobile App Development

Satisfy your users with expressive and feature-rich natural iOS/Android, cross-platform or progressive app development services, leveraging our extensive experience tackling all major technologies.
IOS App Development

We have all the experience you need to build complete, stable and scalable mobile apps, including

Android App Development

Using the latest technology, we help businesses build their presence on every modern device and platform, including

Cross-Platform App Development

Get cross-platform mobile apps that run on multiple platforms while providing users with apps that match their operating system. Use these alternatives to reduce marketing costs and time and reach more consumers without sacrificing quality, including

Customized Mobile App Development

Our mobile app developers can create high quality custom apps for Android and iOS systems tailored to your business and security needs.

Hybrid Mobile App Development

We even offer hybrid mobile app development that can run in different environments. Our cross-platform and hybrid app development helps you reduce capital costs with a single codebase and offers quick market entry. We offer cross-platform technology to provide fast applications that are scalable and compatible for use across operating systems.

Progressive Web App Development

With progressive web apps, take the advantage of our developers experience, known for building progressive web applications that ensure better profitability, increased conversions and customer retention. Our developers have extensive experience in creating futuristic Progressive Web Applications compatible with various browsers across various devices & platforms.

Wearable Devices And Firmware

We can create companion apps for various wearables, integrate with smart devices or our own peripherals.

AI / IoT / Blockchain Application Development

Our mobile app developers can create futuristic mobile apps using modern technologies like IoT, blockchain and artificial intelligence. With our services, you receive an individual solution that benefits your company.

The Mobile App Development Process that Builds Dreams And Not Only Apps

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Explore Our Mobile App Development Services To Cater Wide-Range Business Verticals

From start-ups to enterprises, we have accumulated extensive experience delivering innovative mobile app development services to clients across a wide range of industries.

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Mobile Apps developed for various streams – Apps for business, social media, logistics, education, E-commerce and many more. We have served them all.

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Why Choose CodeEpsilon For App Development Services?

We are a web and mobile app development company focused on developing high quality mobile apps and robust back web ends. From idea to marketable product, we strategies, plan and develop robust mobile apps. Our dedicated development team combines creative design with next generation mobile app development technologies to deliver the most practical and usable mobile apps. We help you build easy-to-use B2B apps for various digital platforms such as mobile, web, desktop, smartwatch, VR, and AR. We deliver fully functional, robust, and scalable mobile apps that stand the test of time and provide their users with an incredible mobile experience giving you widespread user engagement.
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