Engagement Models​

Standard and Tailored Engagement Models to suit every Need.
An Engagement Model is nothing more than the set of guidelines or a framework that defined how you and we are going to be engaged so that you derive the best value out of our services for the contracted period. It’s a 2-way agreement defining the Responsibilities, Commitments, and Obligations so that we can optimally structure our interactions and working with you during the course of the engagement.
CodeEpsilon offers a variety of Standard and Custom-Tailored Engagement Models to give you the most convenient way to engage with us for your requirements – be it an idea to be conceptualized, expert advice or consulting, or solution development. You can choose an existing model, or we can offer a complete custom built which aligns to your business and monetary goals.
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Our Approach To The Engagement

Choosing an appropriate engagement model sets you on the path to sustained success.
We are flexible and adaptable to the specific needs of our customers, regardless of the engagement model that is chosen. By offering a range of engagement models and being open to customizing them to meet your unique needs, we aim to provide the highest level of service possible. Regardless of the engagement model chosen, we at CodeEpsilon our sole objective of the engagement still remains to deliver a high-quality software in time.
There are indeed many factors to consider when choosing a Software Engagement Model. Some of the key factors that we recommend you to be considered include:
By considering these and other factors, we can choose an engagement model that is most suitable for your specific needs and goals, and that allows us to deliver high-quality software solutions.
Depending on the factors like scope, duration, workforce size, time to market, control & risk factors involved and responsibility ownerships, some standard engagement models are available. Each model is best suited for different types of needs and engagements.
Need help is defining the best model suited to your needs,

The Engagement Models We Offer

Standard engagement models are pre-defined standard time-tested approaches that are commonly used in the industry. Custom tailored engagement models, on the other hand, are customized approaches that are specifically designed to meet your unique needs. These models are often used when a standard engagement model does not adequately address your needs or when you have specific requirements that cannot be met with a standard model.
Each model has its pros and cons and is only effective in certain scenarios. Before deciding on an engagement model, we recommend that you consider the specifics of your project and business needs. If you have any doubts, you can get advice from our specialists, who will help you choose the most profitable engagement model.
Following are some of the most popular engagement models in the IT industry:

Let's Dive Deep To Explore Our Workflow

After deciding on the type of software development contract, it’s time to decide which type of workflow is best suited. Developers of CodeEpsilon can implement any type of workflow requested by customers. We can split the traditional framework and take a hybrid approach, using the most relevant elements of Agile, Scrum, and the “old trusted” waterfall.


Agile development methods are more effective when the end goal of the project is not defined and the customer wants the development team to respond quickly and efficiently to changing requirements.


Waterfall software development is ideal for static projects when customer requirements are defined and changes are unlikely to occur during the development process.


For managing complex software development in fixed-length iterations, the Scrum approach is probably best suited. The development process is divided into sprints and the team interacts with the customer after the sprint is complete.
Our diverse industry experience combined with a team of experts empowers us to effectively equip your business with proven solutions. Our engagement model is designed to fit the size and scope of your operation. Our suite of best-of-breed engagement models combines industry best practices and the latest technology to support your business goals. It not only addresses cost savings but also ensures a better quality of service along with business continuity plans. Our world-class project management skills and quality standards ensure you receive a software solution that will give your business a whole new competitive edge.